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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Winter Blues

"Winter Blues" (BMI)
Aaron S. Robertson
Copyright 2013, Aaron Scott Robertson.

It won’t be long before we replace that warm summer heat,
With that cold, long, miserable winter sleet,
Old man winter is here,
No more patio-side beer.

Gone are the festivals and state fairs,
And the outdoor parties that always seem to come in pairs,
Put away your bikes, grills, and boats,
Bring out those hats, mittens, and down-stuffed coats.

Time to catch a cold and flu,
Oh how this time of year makes me so blue,
Replace that fun and sporty convertible coupe,
With a bowl of piping-hot chicken noodle soup.

Yes, the brutal, harsh winter is once again back,
Its heart so unforgiving and its soul charcoal black,
But if I know the routine now, I know I’ll again feel the warmth of the sun,
Just have to stick these rough times out and someday I can have more fun.

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