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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Existence Blues

"Existence Blues" (BMI)
Aaron S. Robertson
Copyright 2013, Aaron Scott Robertson.

That song “The Seeker” by The Who really defines my life,
I’m constantly tearing through books and papers like a sharp-edged knife,
I’m searching for answers that I know I’ll never find,
Oh how this thing called existence is so unkind.

We celebrate our birthdays and look forward to each New Year,
But behind all that joy is a deep unspoken fear,
Each passing year brings us closer to the end,
Why we’re here is a question we can’t comprehend.

There are times I just wish I had never been conceived,
Because now I’m forced to mourn and eventually leave others bereaved,
The very thought makes me want to scream with all my might from the top of a hill,
Leaves me in a constant state of feeling horribly ill.

We’re all sitting on death row,
Just passing the time waiting for that fatal blow,
It’s just that some of us choose to spend it behind bars,
But in the end, we’re all getting the same ride in those long black cars.

Because we were conceived, now we have to die,
After all the good times and the relationships built, we have to say goodbye,
It’s all just a cruel and sadistic tease,
Just like that, everything’s gone in a breeze.

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