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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rebuilding the Milwaukee Bucks

The key part to the rebuilding of the Milwaukee Bucks, now that the team has been sold, is putting the right players in place for years to come. These moves will give the community a name face it has lacked since players like Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson, and even one of the greatest NBA players ever, Oscar Robertson.

Now, the rebuilding part may be difficult, but it can be done with the right people in place and money to be spent. After finishing with the worst record in the NBA this season, the Bucks will have the most ping pong balls in the lottery draft on May 20th. The Bucks currently have the best odds to land the number one overall pick, with a 25% chance.

The fortunate part for the Bucks is the quality of talent in this draft, which includes Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embidd, Jabari Parker, and Julius Randle. Parker and Wiggins are both table setters and would provide the team with a key component to build a winning franchise. Along with the draft, the Bucks will need to look into free agency to start to build a contender, such as what we have seen with the Washington Wizards.

While LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony might be out of the question this off-season, the talent is still available for the team to add some quality players. Here is a list of some potential players the Bucks could go after this off-season:

Greg Monroe, Center – Monroe is a restricted free agent, but showed this off-season he is emerging as one of the NBA’s top young centers. Monroe averaged 15.2 points per game along with 9.3 rebounds for the Detroit Pistons.

Chris Bosh, Power Forward/Center – Bosh, along with fellow teammates James and Dwyane Wade, could elect to opt out. We have seen prior to joining the Miami Heat that Bosh could be a good player on a smaller team.

Luol Deng, Forward – Deng could be one of the most sought after free agents this off-season, but could be just what the Bucks need to make a great tandem with Brandon Knight and O.J. Mayo.

Pau Gasol, Power Forward – Gasol would give the team a big versatile power forward, but injury concerns might keep teams away from him this off-season. If healthy, Gasol has shown he can average 17-plus points and 9-plus rebounds a game.

These are just a few options that could help the team move in the right direction while the team builds through free agency.

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