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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Basics to Keyword and Search Engine Marketing

By Aaron S. Robertson

Ensuring that your business and Web site rank well in the search engines may be a lot simpler than you think. With just a little time and effort, you can greatly improve your standings in the search engines by employing these tips.

Take advantage of keywords, and use them often.
  • Be as precise as possible about what your business is and what products and services you have to offer
  • Be specific with your geography and service area, and use these terms frequently – use the name of your city, state, and metro area, along with any other towns and counties served
  • When it comes to any credentials, professional certifications, licenses, etc., don’t just use acronyms, but spell them out, as well
  • Make use of any technical terms and industry jargon in your line of work
  • Use similar variants of all these keywords and phrases
  • Tying into all of the above, avoid sentences that don’t offer much, if anything, in the line of keywords – sentences should be dense in words and phrases that help search engines best identify and catalog you
  • When filling in an online business profile, make use of as many fill-in-the-box opportunities as possible – not doing so is wasting valuable online real estate
Use the power of linking to the fullest. 
  • Interlink whatever you can, such as:
  • Your expert articles to your LinkedIn profile
  • Your online press releases to your Web site
  • Your YouTube channel to your Manta Profile
  • Your PowerPoint presentations to your blog
  • Your Facebook fan page to your Google Profile
  • And vice-versa, and every point in between!
Your goal should be more and more quality organic search results, as opposed to paid search results.
  • Organic search results = free
  • Organic search results = permanent … once you stop paying for a result, it’s gone, and you have nothing to show for the money spent
  • Are derived from many sources, such as your Web site, press releases, blog posts, articles, online news stories, etc.
  • Paid search results do serve a purpose, but your goal should always be achieving organic results

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