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Monday, October 26, 2015

Bay View Neighborhood Milwaukee

Things to see and do in Bay View

Bay View is a neighborhood right on the shoreline of Lake Michigan that was founded in 1867. It is a beautiful area with great views, and lots to do. Because its boundaries are quite imprecise, and have changed many times, many south-siders not technically in the neighborhood do still consider themselves as Bay View residents. Today, Bay View maintains its blue-collar feel, although properties along the lake run higher than in interior parts of the city. Despite its working class roots, you'll find that most parts of Bay View retain a high owner occupancy rate, and that the homes and properties are very well kept. Housing stock in the area varies from small cottages built by steel workers in the 1800s to Victorians and Milwaukee bungalows.

Captain Eber Brock Ward, of Michigan, opened his third rolling mill, The Milwaukee Iron Co., in Bay View in 1868. Within a year the village of Bay View sprung up as a company town around the steel mill. Cottages erected for mill workers became the center of the village. Many of these cottages are still occupied today and are a part of the diverse architecture of the Bay View neighborhood. With village incorporation in 1879, its rapid growth and demands for city services were so great that a vote was taken and the village was annexed to the city of Milwaukee in 1887, but Bay View's early days as a village helped create a degree of self-sufficiency for residents of today.

Bay View has many independently-owned museums, venues and businesses, so you can find a lot of unique culture and activities in the area. From dining to music venues, you can enjoy things in Bay View that you can't find anywhere else. There are plenty of historical sites such as the first Milwaukee-area railroad depot, which was established there. Another site of interest is the 25-story, 275-foot-high Bay View Terrace, which serves as the neighborhood's tallest building.

There are several campsites and fishing areas if you enjoy spending time outdoors. You can even take a guided fishing trip and find some the of best spots on the lake. Bay View also has great dining, and lots of choices for your family. You can choose from great sandwiches, pizza, fish, and coffee shops and get a taste of the local flavor. Bay View is a very friendly neighborhood, and will welcome you with open arms. Bay View boasts a stunning natural environment and rich Victorian history. Each summer, Bay View offers more than 50 concert experiences in a friendly community atmosphere. Also open to the public are recreational and cultural youth programs and water sports, including swimming and sailing instruction.

With the combination of interesting history and continuous cultural growth of Bay View, not to mention the obvious lakeside beauty, it is certainly one of the best days out in the Milwaukee area. You will find plenty to educate, inspire and entertain, whether you are alone, with friends or taking the family.

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