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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Greendale Restaurants

Greendale Dining, Entertainment, and Attractions

In 1936, the new pre-planned community of the Village of Greendale was established with its own distinct architecture, new homes, green belts, and many pedestrian pathways. These hearty pioneer first residents immediately established their own school system, government, churches, businesses, and forms of entertainment. The Village was patterned after the English Garden City concept that emphasized the use of parks and large open spaces called Green Belts. The quaint village homes were constructed of cinder block, pine beamed ceilings, and tile roofs. As with all human nature, there was a desire to enjoy and improve living conditions, and this also extended to the development of flower and vegetable gardens. Thus, Greendale became known as the Garden Community.

Historic Downtown, Greendale, is a vibrant business community made up of shops, restaurants, and services that are independently-owned and operated. For eating, there are a great variety of restaurants, pubs, and take-outs, depending on what you're looking for. From Ricardo's Pizza (a family-owned-and-operated pizzeria since 1970), to Miss Beverly's Deluxe Barbeque (with pork and ribs, beef brisket and fried chicken), to Joey Gerard's high-class restaurant, there's something for every occasion and budget.

Don't miss the Greendale Visitor Center, also known as the Reiman Visitor Center, which will have the latest information. Many special events are held each year in Greendale, so you will want to make sure you're up to date. The Greendale Visitor Center is the birthplace of Reiman Publications, the publisher of Taste of Home and 12 other Greendale-based magazines. Visit their one-of-a-kind cooking store featuring Taste of Home discounted cookbooks, gadgets galore, and a working test kitchen. Other entertainment includes the lively Greendale Community Theatre, the Greendale High School marching band, local bands and movie theaters, and also visiting performers to look out for. It's a naturally picturesque and pleasant place in which to spend some time.

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