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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Aaron Robertson Muskego Lions Club

Address on Becoming President of the Muskego Lions Club

Aaron S. Robertson

June 3, 2018

Before we begin, I’d like to take a moment to thank the team here at Matty’s for their phenomenal hospitality. They have been so wonderful to work with in planning this event. I’ve enjoyed many casual get-togethers, big events, and meals here over the years, and Matty’s never disappoints. If this happens to be your first time here, there’s plenty more to experience than just this breakfast, so plan on coming back.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, fellow Lions, fellow community-minded leaders, it’s a sincere honor to be standing up here before you today to be sworn in as the next president of our beloved Muskego Lions Club, and to be graced with your company during this special moment for me. And it’s fitting that we have Lion Don Drew from the Hales Corners Lions Club presiding over this ceremony today. Many of you know that I’m active in the business and civic life of Hales Corners, as well, and so it’s particularly meaningful for me to have Lion Don doing this, and to have several other long-time friends from the Hales Corners club and business community with us here today, as well.

I first came to the club some four to five years ago. I believe this may be my fifth year that I’m about to enter. But my exposure to the club and its members goes back a lot farther than that. I had come to know and develop friendships with many members over the years, and had been presented with a number of applications for membership. They usually ended up getting lost in my desk somewhere with a mental note to myself of, “Someday.” The turning point came one evening when the club was hosting a joint social with Alpine Lanes and the Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce. It was at that event when I finally decided, “Enough with the excuses and all the lost applications, and all the promises of, ‘Someday.’ I’m ready now.” And I was with my good friend, Matt Johnson, and we decided that evening that we were both going to join. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In these few short years, I’ve accumulated so many wonderful memories, and met so many great and interesting people. We have such amazing talent and dedication in our club. And because of that, we’re able to do so much good for our community. We have so much to be proud of, and thankful for, and so much more to look forward to. And so, as much as this is a very special moment for me right now, this moment, this day, is even more so about you. And so I thank you, for all the work you’re doing, day in and day out, to serve those in our community that need a hand up. I thank you, for all the memories you’ve given me to hold on to these last several years. I’m looking forward to a great year working with you as we continue in carrying out our simple yet profound mission of, “We Serve.”

Thank you for being here today, and please, continue to enjoy the fellowship and networking and hospitality. The food is going on until 1pm, so grab another plate if you’re still hungry. Thank you!

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