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Friday, August 3, 2018

The Hottest Trends of 2017 and 2018

In no particular order, showcasing the evolution of our enlightened human race and society with these latest, popular trends ...

Disclaimer: Neither nor any of its writers are responsible for any actions or behaviors that may result from reading the following. For your safety, health, well-being, and quite frankly, your life, as well as the safety, health, well-being, and quite frankly, lives of others, we strongly encourage you to *not* try any of the following.  

1) The hot water challenge

2) The Tide Pod challenge

3) Calling 911 on black people and even entire black families going about their daily business - you know, like having dinner at Subway, or meeting a business partner at Starbucks, or eating lunch while on break at a student job on campus, or giving the cashier a coupon that the cashier hasn't seen before, or grilling on a beautiful sunny afternoon at a park on the lake, or trying to get into their own vehicle but encountering problems with their key or remote control, or shopping while pregnant with twins and accusing her of trying to walk out of the store with stolen merchandise under her shirt.

4) The condom snorting challenge

5) Leaving your baby to fry in the car

6) Calling the police on hardworking entrepreneurial youngsters selling lemonade, water, or homemade cookies without a permit; or mowing lawns for pay- usually black, but not always (see item # 3)

7) Attempting to wash and then reuse condoms, prompting the CDC to weigh in with a safety advisory

8) Daring the police to send you into the afterlife by constantly refusing orders and/or running away while armed

9) Parking in disabled parking spots without a permit, usually leading to confrontation, and in some cases, death

10) Going apeshit on a commercial airline flight, like thinking you're entitled to sit in business class on an economy ticket, or demanding more beer after being cut off because you're already drunk and disorderly

11) Taking selfies to the point where you are not aware of your surroundings and literally fall off a cliff and die

12) Throwing a $60,000 wedding and then demanding $1,500 from each of your guests to pay for it because you only have $15,000 of your own money to put toward it

13) Visiting for exclusive interviews, valuable business advice and resources, fun things to do around the metro-Milwaukee area, occasional click bait like this post, and a whole lot more!

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