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Thursday, September 27, 2018

An open letter to Hales Corners

An open letter to the Hales Corners community regarding Highway to Hales

September 27, 2018

For those of you who participated in the Highway to Hales event this past Saturday, September 22, in any way – whether your business or organization had a booth or display, or your business in the shopping center came up with a deal of some sort to entice consumers, or you donated money to help defray our costs, or you merely came on out to see what it was all about – we cannot thank you enough. The feedback we have heard has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging, with many calling for an annual event. We are humbled and filled with gratitude.

It took a lot of minds, talent, and cooperation to make this event happen, and it was really the small things behind the scenes that compounded to make the event as great as it was. It was Re/Max Realty 100 allowing us to plug into their power source in the parking lot if we needed it. It was Emanuel Church / Park’s Edge Preschool loaning us folding chairs to accommodate the Whitnall High School Jazz Band at the last minute. It was the Village of Hales Corners waiving the fee for a seller’s permit and covering the costs for renting a couple of generators, and it was also a long-time member of the Hales Corners Lions Club running home to get his own generator when we ran into some unforeseen challenges accommodating our main music act, Boondock Boogie. It was Prime Printing & Signs loaning us display stands for our sponsor signage, and it was multiple Chamber members helping with parking, vendor setup, and other logistics the day of the event – members like Don Paulus of Syn-City Service and Richard Erpelding. But while the event was ultimately built on all these small pieces coming together in harmony, we must also acknowledge here our sponsors:

Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce
Village of Hales Corners
Outlook Management Group
Festival Foods
Whitnall Park Rotary Club
Hales Corners Lions Club
Jim Gilboy
Colleen Resendiz – Benefit Realty
Richard Erpelding
Aaron S. Robertson

Without the cooperation and generosity of these sponsors, this event simply could not happen.

While the event was filled with fun and laughter on a beautiful sunny day, though, we hope that the purpose of the event continues to resonate well into the future – that our business community really needs our continued support and patronage through the road construction. These are immensely challenging times right now for Hales Corners businesses, both large and small, family-owned and corporate. The business base does so much for our community, and if there was ever really a pressing time to increase our level of attention and support in turn, this is it. Thank you again for helping to make Highway to Hales a fun and successful event, and stay tuned for additional opportunities as we continue to cultivate ideas to further support our local business base through the construction!

Visit the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce’s Web site at, and follow along on its Facebook page at .

All the Best,

The Highway to Hales planning committee:

Mike Clavette – Clavette Insurance; president, Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce
Dan Besson – president, Village of Hales Corners
James Huot – Branch manager, Tri City National Bank; vice president, Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce
Jim Gilboy
Aaron Robertson – Don Reidy’s Estate Services; secretary, Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce
Richard Erpelding

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