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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Travel Rewards Program Through Latitudes Travel

Latitudes Travel is trying to Help Small Businesses and Organizations that are struggling to offer Employee incentives to take a job and/or stay in an organization.

We have developed a Free Travel Rewards program that Companies and Organizations can implement that allows organizations members and/or employees free Travel Rewards when they travel for a vacation.

The cost of the program is Zero to the organization and to the employee. It costs nothing to implement. There are no annual fees. No paperwork to do...We do all the work.

Imagine a Free Benefit that can save anyone in your organization who opts in up to $100 on their next Vacation.

Why Do we do this...We are doing this to help small business stay competitive and allow them to offer a perk that doesn't break the bank.

E-Mail for details or view the Program detail in a PDF at:

You can also feel free to e-mail me or contact us by phone through our web-site

Hope to Hear from You Soon,

Burton Robertson - Marketing Director
Latitudes Travel
(414) 433-4873

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