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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Enhancing Private Label Rights Content For Your Projects

By Holly Grant

Believe it or not, many web marketers usually do not produce all their own content on their websites. Fact is that many people actually use private label rights (PLR) articles along with other materials (graphics, sales copy, templates, etc.) to help them get the content they need for their web sites.

However, note one important item here:

Search engines like google have a problem with duplicate content material. And if you have duplicate content you might be penalized by various search engines like Google.

So if you are wondering how webmasters make use of the duplicate content on their websites and steer clear of getting penalized for duplicate content by the search engines, read on....

There are some popular tactics used by webmasters to help with search engines. For example, if you have PLR content that you have invested in, you can change it as required. There is no need to do a lot of altering to the articles to ensure they are unique for your website. But you may wish to be sure that you alter the way the content looks and reads, and you may also want to make the content better as well.

Listed here are some methods that you can enhance and revise PLR content for use on your website as well as for your other promotional needs, like for use with auto responders.

Tip 1 - Trim it Down - You'll want to trim down the article and get rid of any nonsense. Try to sum up what the article is saying and get to the real point of the article.

Tip 2 - Use of Synonyms - Using synonyms, words which have the same meaning, can help you make the content unique as well. You might want to use a thesaurus or dictionary, or a synonym finding within your word processor. Try to find the closest meaning possible so that you don't change the entire meaning of the article.

Tip 3 - Alter the Tone - Remember that PLR articles are written in the voice of someone else. Try changing the article to fit your personality. A great starting point is with the title. You should be sure that the title grabs the readers. Also alter the body of the article and interject layman's phrases and some humor to really make it reflect your personality.

Tip 4 - Rewrite - Taking a look at the PLR articles will help you get a basis for your content. Then you can certainly rewrite the articles adding a number of your own knowledge and experience too.

Tip 5 - Use Software - Additionally there is software available that can help you to change the articles and edit the graphics. This will make it quite simple for you to get fresh content.

Tip 6 - Change the Order - Changing around the order of the content will help it be more unique too.

Tip 7 - Change the Intro and the Conclusion - Just changing the introduction and conclusion can certainly be a great help. Do not forget that a great introduction will get the attention of your readers. Having a good conclusion is essential too, particularly if you want to call your readers to action.

Using these seven tips will help you take PLR content to make it your own. They are going to assist you to come up with the best search-engine-friendly and people-friendly site content material possible.

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