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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The nicest beaches of Tenerife

By Sally Nicholson

Tenerife is the biggest of Spain's Canary Islands and is a popular holiday destination for a number of reasons. The warm year round climate is one of the main attractions for the island but it also has a great deal more to attract tourists too. There are plenty of different activities such as quad biking and jet skiing and there are also lots of picturesque villages to visit but by far the biggest thing Tenerife has to boast about is its beautiful beaches.

El Puertito beach is an extremely popular beach with the very few people who know of its existence. Whilst the rest of the island has been developed somewhat, El Puertito remains almost untouched. There are a few traditional buildings which surround the beach and the beach itself has pale gold sand and a number of brightly coloured old fishing boats. Despite not being far from the more commercial resorts on the island, in reality the two are worlds apart.

That isn't to say that the other beaches in Tenerife are a let-down. More developed beach areas such as Playa de las Arenas offer just as much sun, sea and sand and make a perfect day out sunbathing and frolicking by the water. Playa de las Arenas has plenty of parking so wherever you are on the island, you can travel there and enjoy the beach, restaurants and shops.

Roque Bermejo is another beach which is a long way from all of the crowds at the more well-known beaches. The only way to get to this beach is either by boat or by a two hour walk across the terrain. Once you get there though it is well worth it as it will almost be your private beach for the day.

The above mentioned beaches are just the very tip of what Tenerife has to offer and regardless of where on the island you are you can be sure that there will be a beautiful beach not far away. If you're willing to go the extra mile literally you can find some beaches which will be like sunbathing on your own private island.

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