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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Choose Great Dundee Hotels or Dundee Bed and Breakfasts

By Martin Fourfields

On your first visit to the city of Dundee here are a few things to see and do while staying in Dundee at one of the many hotels or more affordable Bed and Breakfast establishments.

A good selection of Bed and Breakfast or hotel accommodation is essential for the tourist or the business visitor. Both these type of visitor has a wonderful chance to see the sights, attractions and culture of the City of Dundee. Below are a few options available within easy reach of the City and surrounding area.

Close to the proposed V&A museum location is the HMS Frigate Unicorn. It was built in the royal dockyard at Chatham for the Royal Navy and was launched in 1824. HMS Unicorn is the world's last intact warship from the days of sail. She was brought to Dundee in 1873 as a training ship for the Tay. The Senior Naval Officer used the frigate as headquarters during both World Wars. She was built with 46 guns and one can get a feel of what life was like below decks for the crew and officers. Unicorn remained unrigged and under the cover of a roof her entire working life, the roof which now covers Unicorn's upper deck is believed to be the same one which was fitted immediately after her launch.

With fine collections of shrubs, tropical and temperate glasshouses, herb gardens and water gardens The University of Dundee Botanic Gardens situated on the south facing land near the River Tay make a great day out. The gardens spread through 9.5 hectares and is arranged geographically so one can traverse the world's temperate regions from the Mediterranean to East Asia. The Evolution Garden shows the historical development of plant adaptations.

When the sun goes down, Dundee gets its second wind. Neighborhood bars and pubs are popular, of course, and be sure to chat with whoever happens to be nearby - you may make a new friend or a valuable business contact, but if you wish to tickle you taste buds there are many first rate restaurants from Turkish to Italian or Thai to French. From here you can choose to visit one of the wonderful theatres or cinemas and there would still be time, if you have the energy to take you through to the wee hours, to shake you stuff at one or two of the nightclub spots such as Fat Sam's or have a little flutter in the casino.

The Cultural Quarter has a rich diversity of modern buildings and their dynamic uses contribute to the built environment and social character of the place. Such cultural uses gain strength from their proximity and compatibility with one another and provide unique opportunities for the city's ongoing economic regeneration. The Cultural quarter of Dundee buzzes with life in the many bars gallery shops and restaurants. It can also boast the wonderful Contemporary Arts Centre which includes a two screen cinema and nearby is the Dundee Rep theatre. The Cultural Quarter is adjacent to the University Campus and the City centre.

Above are a few reasons to come and discover Dundee either for a short break or longer if you have the time. Your business may necessitate your visit, whatever the reason, stay at one of the many quality Bed and Breakfasts or five star hotels, and enjoy your time in Dundee.

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