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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Environmentally Friendly Benefits When Using the Haan Steam Cleaner

By Stephanie Roese

If you have been thinking of buying a steam cleaner for your home and wondering which would be the best brand to choose, take a good long look at the Haan steam cleaner. Haan was first sold in the United States in 2007. Before that their products were only available in their homeland, Korea. To date, Haan's products are extremely popular here in the U.S.

The company was founded by Romi Haan when, as a young mother and housewife, she encountered the never ending problem of how to best keep the floors in her home clean and hygienic. She did not want to subject her home and her family to harsh chemicals and she wanted a quick and easy system to save time and effort. She understood that steam disinfects germs and bacteria, 99.9%, in fact. She also knew that steam can clear away dirt just as effectively as detergents. Romi worked with a team of engineers and designers to create an easy to use, lightweight steam mop, robust enough to clean and sanitize floors on a daily basis for years.

This was the beginning of the HAAN Corporation in Korea. Romi not only created the easiest, quickest way to clean floors she founded a remarkable company who places great importance on using quality materials and high standards in manufacturing. The steam cleaners were an overnight success in Korea and a poll conducted for Gallop has revealed that three out of every four steam cleaners used there are Haan.

The Haan product line has been extremely popular in the U.S. as well. In fact, just one year after the product line was brought to the US, Romi Haan was acknowledged for her efforts by the Wall Street Journal. They considered her something special as they named her as one of the top 50 women here in America to watch!

If you wish to do your part to help our environment, then you really should be using a steam cleaner to clean your home. The great thing about this technology is its versatility. You can use it to clean floors, walls, counter tops. You can clean both hard and soft surfaces. Even mattresses are fair game with steam cleaners! Since there are no harsh chemicals being washed down the drain after you are done cleaning, you are helping our water tables by not adding more pollution to them. Haan has 18 models of steam cleaners to meet your every need. You can save on your dry cleaning bill by using a Haan garment cleaner and you have plenty of options to clean your floors, linens, counter tops, walls.. Really just about any surface, soft or hard.

For most homes, if you have a Haan steam floor mop and the hand held version, you would have the means to clean almost everything in your home quickly, easily and safely. There is even a pet plus version, which is especially adept at removing stubborn pet hairs from the floor. While you can find Haan at most major local retailers, we recommend that you do your searching on the Internet. The reason being is you can shop dozens of prices within mere minutes, so you can find the best price and cover a lot of ground quickly. Often you will find better pricing for both the product and accessories when looking online. We have created a Website to help you learn more about the Haan products as well as provide you links to places who have competitive pricing for their products, so be sure to visit it!

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