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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Are The Metrics for Flat Screen TVs

By Arnold Whelps

The technology behind Flat screen TV is not new at all but has been around since the'60s. Now that there have been improvements in manufacturing technology they are now easier and cheaper to produce and therefore more readily available to the average consumer. The level of quality and affordability to which we now have access as consumers is causing us to raise the bar of our expectations for other technology in consumer electronics as well.

The modern version is fast becoming a staple in your standard home theater system and is often accompanied by additional high-tech components such as surround sound speakers. The largeness of the screen and the superior colors and picture quality all contribute to the overall entertainment experience of simulating a large professional movie theater experience. With the improvements in technology and global production benefits the level of quality and affordability will only get better for the consumer. Due to the ease of production and the advancements in the raw technology the consumer experience will only improve.

These pieces of technological prowess owe their stunning color to unique technology that utilizes neon and xenon gases. These inert gases move between two flat glass panels and are completely safe. They produce over 16 million colors including a perfect black which enhances the cinematic quality of the picture.

The longevity of a flat screen TV can be measured in a qualitative manner based on the number of hours it can run until the quality of it's picture degenerates to 50 this is called it's "half life". The standard half life is about 60 000 hours. To ensure maximum enjoyment from your television a warranty can be obtained to take care of minor or major issues.

Your standard flat screen TV is going to be about 4 to 5 inches deep which is much thinner than your standard cathode ray television. The sleek nature of this television allows for greater flexibility when it comes to your options as to where to install it in your home. You even have the option of mounting it on your wall which can change the way you watch TV.

However with all the advantages of this technology it is extremely delicate. Make sure that you do not jostle or bump your television because the last thing you want to do after you purchase it is to pay to have it fixed. Parents should consider installing one so that it is high enough to avoid flying toys and rough housing children. Wall mounts that tilt are available so that they can be angled down if installed high on a wall.

With their popularity there is now specialized furniture wall mounts and cabinets that are now available that cater to this market. There are accessories now to match the many unique needs of the flat screen TV owner. So that not only is this delicate piece of equipment well protected but that it is also fashionable to present and comfortable to watch.

There is a wide range of quality and price available to you as the consumer if you're looking for good furniture. Regardless of what furniture is chosen to house one it should be particularly sturdy. To safeguard this investment all mounts and surfaces should be fully tested to hold more than the weight of the television itself. You must make sure that what ever furniture you use is strong and will keep your investment from being abused.

You should make sure that when you're planning your budget to purchase your flat screen TV that you also take into consideration the other expenses such as warranties electric bills and even having it delivered to your home. Although the technology is new you still have a significant amount of electricity required and in time as technologies and manufacturing processes continue to improve we will have more durable and more energy efficient options. Until then you have a wide range of affordable options for purchasing your flat screen TV.

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