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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finding An Insomnia Cure That Works For You

By Johnathon Wise

Our fascination with the natural world naturally extends into deducing how our bodies work. Technology has enabled science to progress by leaps and bounds from a time when the body was thought to be balanced by a number of different humors. What is even more astounding is that the research continues, there are more and more mysteries that need to be figured out and sleep is one of those mysterious. While we know it is important, that is comes in different levels, there is no complete understanding of what happens throughout all systems. Insomnia is the simplest way to see how needed sleep is and finding the right insomnia cure can be frustrating.

That is not to say that finding a slam dunk cure will only take one or two tries. Indeed, to be struggling from insomnia means to have a prolonged period of time without restful sleep. This kind of rest comes with reaching a deeper level of slumber when the brain emits what is called, delta waves.

Insomniacs do get to sleep, but it is only for a few minutes at a time and that is simply not enough time to allow the body to enter a restorative state. The effects of this condition can manifest in a variety of issues that go beyond just feeling tired.

Exhausting goes deeper with these sufferers and results in slower cognitive function which both slows down the thinking process and reaction time. This can make every day activities like driving, incredibly dangerous. Also, if the condition lasts for long enough, sufferers may start to deal with hallucinations.

Many people try over the counter sleep medications, but this will often just increase the amount of short naps and not get rid of the problem completely. Some people think that this is a result of other issues that go beyond just resting, like everyday life stresses.

Indeed, some people don't benefit from these pills at all and even if they get a full night's rest, they're as exhausted as they ever were. Traditional wisdom posits that the condition can be an extension of other problems and stress is certainly a culprit in enough issues to make it a cause of this one.

Also, just laying in bed and waiting for rest to overtake you can be self defeating and most clinicians, as well as old wives' tales, recommend just staying out of bed until you get tired enough to pass out. This, again, is really just a behavioral shift that can reset the brain and take it out of its insomniac routine.

The most archaic bits of advice like eating certain foods can seem odd, but when you're suffering from this issue no cure is too silly. It's important to remember that, as with most things, your time dealing with this problem will pass.

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