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Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Not to Deal with Your Web Designer

Once I heard about this, I just had to write about it as a way to show you how NOT to deal with your Web designer.

Less than a year ago, we designed a Web site for a Milwaukee-area contractor. We specified to him that we would offer complimentary minor revisions and updates to the site within a year of it first being published live on the Internet.  Any revisions and updates of a larger scale, we told him, could be negotiated at a very attractive discount.

He raved about the design and our service.

And then, some months back, unbeknownst to us, he went to another Web designer to have his site entirely redesigned. We were puzzled by this, as he told us everything looked great, he still had revisions and updates coming to him if he needed them, and he had no problem paying us.

It turns out that he never paid the other Web designer, and the site was taken down a short time ago.

I met with the other Web designer today, and she told me that she, too, was puzzled as to why he would want a full redesign on a site that was still a ways away from being one year old.

We don't blame her for taking the site down. It's entirely out of our hands now. Now, he has to pay someone else (and rightfully so) in order to get his site back online.

If he had just contacted us with his questions, concerns, ideas, etc., his site would still be online and he most likely wouldn't have had to pay anything extra for making adjustments to his site.

Please let this be a valuable lesson for how to work with, and how to communicate with, your Web designer. Simple communication, honesty, and a collaborative spirit can save you time, headaches, and potentially boatloads of money.

As an additional resource, read my recent post, How Not to Promote Your Business on Facebook.

To Your Success, 

--Aaron Robertson, president, Intrepid Innovations Inc.

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