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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old-Fashioned Ways To Cure Cold Sores

By Linda Miller

Mouth blisters are the worst, it is not only painful and hassle but downright embarrassing. Such blisters could just pop out without any warning and could really be such a bummer especially when one has some party to attend to during the week end. To be able to get rid of such blisters one is encouraged to try these home cure cold sores and be astonished by its result.

There are about two viruses that cases such oral disease and these are herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2. Both viruses can cause such blisters in the mouth which is medically termed as herpes labialis or on the genitals which are then called genital herpes. The virus will cause such disease as soon as it enters the skin around or inside the mouth.

Virus are transmitted through direct contact with the contaminant and that is either due to kissing an infected person, sharing of eating utensils and razor or most probably by accidentally touching and infected person's saliva. Which is why immediate treatment is needed so as to minimize the transition of disease.

Due to the name of the viruses causing it, such blisters are medically termed as herpes labialis as these affects the labia or the lips. Transmission of virus are through direct contact with the infected person or the fluids of an infected person. This includes kissing, sharing of utensils and even lipstick and direct contact of an infected person's saliva.

When one notices a red swelling on his mouth, be wary of it as this might be a herpes labialis. Often times, one may notice the blisters become worse as this could actually erupt and look wet. Symptoms for such disease include mouth pain, swollen neck glands, and perhaps sore throat and fever.

To be able to treat such blisters without too much spending on medicine, there are a couple of home remedies that could relieve and prevent the pain or the disease from getting worse. As remedies are natural, there will be lesser side effects and more cash to be saved.

One is encouraged to try lip balms, preferably petroleum jellies and pat some on the lips, this could prevent the lips from getting dried up and at the same time prevent the blisters from getting worse as well. Another way to prevent transmission is to compress a warmed tea bag on the affected area. The tannic acid of the tea is said to combat the virus hence preventing it to cause further development.

There are actually many options to cure cold sores, one can either choose to go synthetic or try the natural treatments first. However, if the disease persists one is advised to consult a doctor to be able to receive the most appropriate treatment.

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