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Monday, October 3, 2011

Search Engine Optimization

After you design (or have it designed for you) your Web site, the work isn't over. In fact, it is just beginning.

Now comes the work of search engine optimization, the process that will catch the attention of the search engines, attention that is absolutely essential for drawing quality traffic to the Web site.

There are many elements to search engine optimization: effective copy that is keyword-rich; meta tags that are fully utilized and keyword-rich (but not in a way that is abusing the meta tags, known as keyword stuffing!); and the number and quality of links that point to the Web site from other sites (known as backlinks) are examples of some of the most important individual elements that comprise the large umbrella term we know as "search engine optimization" or "SEO".

When all of these individual components are working together in harmony, the results can be powerful. You'll have consistent, high-quality, targeted traffic flowing to your Web site from potential customers and clients that are specifically looking for the kinds of products or services you have. And if your business is more localized (like a store or office in a specific city), the traffic will be even more targeted.

If you have trouble optimizing your Web site on your own, you can always hire a search engine optimization firm that specializes in this line of work.

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