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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kitchen Exhaust Fans Prevent Odor Buildup In The Home

By Ray Phenoli

Many of us have had the experience of having our attention distracted while something was cooking on the stove. The food starts burning and quickly the kitchen starts filling up with smoke. Kitchen Exhaust Fans are designed to deal successfully with this situation. Whether you cook at home or in a restaurant, you will find an exhaust fan that suits your requirements. These fans will quickly get rid of the smoke and help the air in your kitchen become clear again.

At home, you should use a fan to eliminate air at least 10 times per hour. If the odors in your kitchen are not eliminated, they will start to spread, and will eventually penetrate into your clothing and furnishings. It is very important when you install a fan in your house that you vent it directly outside, and not into your attic. Improper venting can cause a fire, or a buildup of condensation, leading to mold problems. A fan in a commercial kitchen must be capable of pulling out grease and steam, so it is very important that commercial exhaust fans be installed correctly.

Kitchens with grills built into the stove should have an entire exhaust system. A single fan would be of no use as it cannot effectively rid your home from the smoke created by grilling. Though a whole exhaust system tend to be a lot expensive compared to a simple exhaust fan, the price is more than worth it by protecting your entire home from risks that come with an inefficiently ventilated place.

No matter where in the kitchen your range is situated, you will be able to find and install a fan that will cater perfectly to what you need. Match the size of your kitchen with the size of the fan that you are installing. You cannot compensate the ability of a small fan with the requirements of the room by making the fan run in high speed. This will actually just ruin the fan itself and pose bigger problems for you. Choose a fan with a size that will allow you to run it on the slowest possible speed. A fan that runs really fast releases an equally loud noise. Surely, a noisy kitchen is not a pleasant place to cook in.

Many people these days have installed an outdoor kitchen to take advantage of their deck or patio. By cooking outside, especially during the summer, they keep the inside of the house from becoming too hot. Even those who cook outside should have an exhaust fan installed to prevent any covered area from becoming filled with smoke.

Every house needs Kitchen Exhaust Fans to be a home. A home is a place that is pleasant and inviting, not some place constantly filled with smoke and greasy air. Most DIY stores have samples of models ready to be tested or tried out by potential buyers. Take advantage of the set up, test and listen to the models that you have on your shortlist before finally deciding on which one to purchase. Make sure that you are buying the correct size, not just because it does not make any noise. You might also want to make sure that the fan you choose goes well with the overall design concept of your kitchen and your whole house as most fans come in varied colors and sizes.

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