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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rural Central Portugal

By Sarah Hurst

Many folk are curious about what life would be like in Central Portugal and dream of emigrating, moving to a rustic village spot where they can relax and slow down. In Lagares, Central Portugal you will find a little village with a range of local deliveries of fresh produce available. Although it is rural enough to offer you tranquillity, Lagares is close to the larger connections of the IP3 and IP6 providing uncomplicated entry to key routes around Portugal, along with Lisbon and Porto Airports.

So what is on offer in this position which could prove a benefit to living there? The larger village of Travanca do Mondego nearby is only a two minute drive away or alternatively can be easily reached on foot in approximately ten minutes. This nearby community boasts a mini-supermarket for items not available for delivery to the door, two charming cafe's that double as bars, along with fine primary school facilities for children.

Not only that but the rural nature of the area lends itself to a variety of outdoor activities, for example hiking, biking and horseback riding amongst the surrounding miles of unspoilt woodland. In addition you will find many water activities in the area on lakes created by the Barragem da Aguiera dam for example fishing, sailing,boating activities, and swimming. This region offers a huge expanse of lakeside to be enjoyed. There are many good restaurants and bars locally or you are able to enjoy BBQ's most of the year thanks to the warm and sunny climate.

Mountains can be arrived at in less than half an hour and you may like to pay a visit to the Montebelo golf course. Located in between the Serra da Estrela and Serra do Caramulo mountain ranges, thisgolf course offers the most attractive scenes in Portugal.

The small town, Sao Pedro de Alva is merely 4 kilometres journey from Lagares. In Sao Pedro you have all of your necessary conveniences, for instance schooling, health care, restaurants and cafes, along with grocery stores, banks, shops and malls and a post office. The larger towns of Mortagua, Penacova and Santa Comba Dao a 15 minute drive away will fulfil any metropolitan cravings and have some well stocked larger Supermarkets to choose from. The City of Coimbra merely thirty minutes drive away too. Coimbra in particular is a fantastic City to visit. Of exceptional interest is its University, Universidade de Coimbra, one of the oldest Universities there is. The Universidade was founded way back in 1290. Coimbra City, provides a variety of optical and culinary opportunities to explore Only 10 minutes on, is Conimbriga, where you could visit the astonishing Roman ruins which are open to visitors.

Lagares is in the central area of Portugal, within close proximity to some stunning areas, including the Serra da Estrella National Park that sits an hour's drive east. You could take a trip to a number of coastal locations, the nearest at Figueira da Foz only 45 min's drive away.

About the Author:

Casa do Poco Velho is a stunning 4 bedroom properties central Portugal close to the lovely university city of Coimbra. It is situated in a lovely area at the end of a friendly village and is the last house on a track leading into the forest with stunning views over the surrounding forests to the distant Serra da Lousa mountains. property in central Portugal.

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