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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Ability To Relax: An Important Component in Vision Health

By Austin Thomas

Those that come from a holistic health view agree that being healthy includes mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, how you view life-literally, through your eyes-affects your fitness in all areas: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. And, these holistic doctors also believe that the reverse is true-that your general health has effects on your vision.

Dr. William Bates founded "natural vision improvement;" he taught that when you experience stresses (either physical or mental), you strain your eyes in order to see and then cause your eye shape to switch. Distorted eye shape leads to diminished vision. Doctor. Bates taught that learning the way to relax the mind, the body, and the eye is the key to good vision.

Carrying yourself with good posture allows you to relax your body and your consciousness because it leads to correct breathing. If you're not respiring correctly, you limit your lungs from getting sufficient oxygen. Blood carries oxygen from the lungs to all other bits of the body, and a deficit of oxygen in your body can't support healthy vision.

If you generally practice poor posture, you may experience numerous pains: hurting neck, unrested legs, and headaches. Some postures (such as an exaggerated arch) stress your nerves and joints, which can cause joint discomfort and numerous kinds of rheumatism over a period of time. Unhealthy posture has effects on your spine and changes its alignment over a period of time. All of these aches and pains could cause issues during your sleep; and, if you do not sleep well, you cannot relax your body, your wits or your eyes.

To improve your posture and your ability to relax, become mindful of how you move through space. Ask these questions regularly:

" Is my head squared above my shoulders?

" From the sides, are my ears aligned with shoulders, and are my shoulders aligned with my hips?

" Is my chin tucked in?

" Am I slouching, or is my higher back straight?

" Is my pelvis in a neutral position?

" Are my knees unlocked and natural?

" Are my shoulders relaxed and are my shoulder blades flat against my back?

Concentrating on your posture while you are standing, sitting, and moving through your day, could lead to an enhancement in your vision and your capability to relax.
Improve Your Eyesight

Whether you have perfect vision or imperfect vision thanks to genetics, age, or strain, you can do eye exercises to regain or maintain your visual acuity. By strengthening the muscles that move your eyeball and augmenting the blood flow to that area, you can improve your vision.

Eye exercises are easy to do and so extraordinarily favorable. Not only can you enhance your vision by doing these exercises, but you can also notice a difference in your capability to focus and to concentrate. Following are some eye exercises for you to try:

1. Blinking. Blinking relaxes your eyes and deters them from straining to focus. Take in the region of two minutes and purposefully blink every three-to-four seconds during that time to relieve your eyes from strain.

2. "Palming." Palming also mitigates strain. Cover your eyes with your palms, rest your elbows on your knees, and place the heel of your palms on your cheekbone with your fingers on your forehead. Keep your palms cupped over your eyes, but permit enough space between your palms and your eyes to still be able to open and close your eyes. Then, shut your eyes for 30 seconds, open, and then blink each three-to-four seconds for thirty more seconds. Repeat this exercise for approximately five minutes, and your eyes should feel rested and fresh.

3. "Zooming." To zoom, hold your thumb up like a hitchhiker and stretch your arm out fully in front of your body. While holding your arm still, target your eyes on the tip of your thumb. Once you have targeted, slowly bring your thumb nearer to your eyes until your thumb is just about three inches away from your eyes. Stay focused on the end of your thumb. Keep your thumb there for one or two seconds and then return your arm back to its starting position. If you do 10 repetitions of this exercise about two or three times each day , you can improve your vision!

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