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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Larry King Live (2007) Low Carb Diet Tipping Point

By Joe Lindley

For ages the general public discourse on the value of the low carb weight loss approach (high fat) has occurred between the authorities in government and the media on one side (against a low-carb diet) and a minority of lesser known public figures and diet consultants who have stridently pushed the locarb agenda.

There may be other tipping points, but one special Television interview in 2007 on the Larry King Live show became a point at which the argument started to turn in favour of the locarb enthusiasts as the interview gained approval on the web. It's going to be interesting to observe the public figures that took part in this discussion (Doctor Andrew Weil, Doctor Oz, and Gary Taubes) as the discussion unfolds in future months and years.

The context of the video conversation was a frank appraisal of the value of the low carbohydrate high-fat concepts illustrated by a book Gary Taubes had just released, GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES. Dr. Andrew Weil is a highly respected public figure on health and nutrition. Dr. Oz is a well known media medical authority. Gary Taubes, who has spear-headed the low carbohydrate agenda by a number of articles and personal appearances, made a dramatic statement on the value of a low carb lifestyle with GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES. Dr. Oz, who typically opposes Gary Taubes on this issue, took a shockingly balanced, but still unwavering position in the video.

The game changer was Dr. Weil - who came out obviously in support of the low carb message, with a few reservations.

Gary Taubes followed up GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES with a much more easily understood book, WHY WE GET FAT, and a well-received NY Times article, Is Sugar Toxic. There are a number of other books in favour of locarb diets that have also been published recently. Stay tuned....

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