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Saturday, December 3, 2011

About Moving To Costa Rica

By Chloe Gib

The golden years will bring on older people the need to know about residency in Costa Rica. They will realize that it is time to slow down and take things one-step at a time. Surely, it is the desire of all to know where to go to enjoy their retirement.

Since the cost of living is so high today, there is a need to hold a job after reaching retirement age. Half the population is considering finding suitable employment after they stop working. Therefore, because of a shortage of money, 30% of the older working class citizens remain working today.

It was much easier to save in the past, but today things are not that easy anymore. As a result, people are forced to stop spending unnecessarily. In addition, young people are getting more chances with job opportunities than the older ones.

People up in age are able to get lower medical treatment in the country. In comparison to the United States, the country carries a lesser health care system. Moreover, the country has adopted a principle to give over $2,000.00 in a medical scheme to their senior citizens.

Climate differs to colder countries such as the United States and thus, savings can be achieved on heating and air conditioning. Food prices are low and ground provisions are even lower. Entertainment can be enjoyed by senior heads because of the low fees they are charged.

The nation has seven wonders that those in their golden ages can visit whenever they choose. There are two live volcanoes, a beach in Tortuguero, a biological garden and the cool water of Rio Celeste. In addition, there is the lovely island called Isla Del Coco where one can scuba dive in the water surrounding it as well as the mountainous Cerro Cherripo.

Although crime is on the increase, the authorities are trying their best to lower it. They are doing their best to see to it that residents are well protected. The island has one of the lowest homicidal rates, thanks to the hard work of law enforcing officers.

Taking things easy after working hard throughout the years is a sure way of how to retire in Costa Rica. For those living abroad, coming to the island and living there will ease the pressure of high cost of living. Relaxing in a place of tranquility has never been so enjoyable and affordable.

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