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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Details About Sunless Tanning And How Is It Performed

By Haywood Hunter

Quite some time ago, having a tanned body was all about lying down for long under the sun. However, new age products have made it possible without this excruciating ordeal. These products can provide the required tan within much lesser time as required for conventional tanning. This is known as sunless tanning and has been around for a while now.

The body tends to absorb these products in a short period of time. However, it is quite possible that skin at a certain body parts absorbs them at different rates. It may absorb it at faster at feet than that at other parts of the body. To avoid any untoward incident, the instructions regarding their usage need to be understood completely. The useful information about the same is presented here.

Many sprays, lotions and gels tend to have dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as their active ingredient. This compound is obtained from plant sources and triggers such reactions on the skin that result in browning. The tanning effect generated by it can stay for around a week. The exact duration for which its effect stays varies for different skin types.

Sometimes, another chemical compound known as erythrulose is combined with DHA to provide tan that stays longer. The tan produced by combination of these two is slow to develop. But it stays for comparatively longer duration when compared to that of DHA based products.

To know whether the skin remains fine with these products or not, a simple experiment can be conducted. Get a small area of skin tanned with the selected one and check the results. In case of any sort of irritation or allergy, one should rethink of using the product. If all goes well, one may proceed towards its usage for the complete body. Taking advice from a skin specialist or an expert doctor should be considered before starting usage of any such product.

Smart facilities are available at high tech spas for getting tanned. The kits available with them are highly efficient in applying a uniform tan all over the body. These spas comply with FDA guidelines as well. If required, one may check out with them about the procedure by which the guidelines are met.

To get a tan instantaneously, one may consider temporary bronzers. The dark tan obtained with these is pretty impressive. However, it must be prevented from getting in contact with water or else, it may get ruined.

It can also get ruined by skin-hugging clothes and hence, combining these two needs to be avoided. Moisturizers with tanning agents can be used for getting a tan gradually.

Sunless tanning was never as easy as has been made by these products. With some prior planning and well execution, one can get a good looking tan within a short period of time.

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