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Saturday, December 24, 2011

All Natural Cures

By Jon Gould

Medical care is a multi million dollar industry in the world now. This promises to take out money from your pocket but doesn't always cures you. So rather than running to the doctor why don't you use some natural treatments. These natural remedies are the best cures to heal general causes without any side effect. These cures help you to find respite from body agony, acne, acidity, colds, baldness, headache, tooth loss, etc. 

Natural cures are one of the best gifts of nature since they sort out your cause permanently and there are no side-effects. Folk don't use these remedies due to lack of data or busy schedules. Now here are some natural remedies which will help you in your day to day cause and will give you relief.

For Astringency : Have a glass of butter milk before retiring to bed each night, have a pitcher of sugar water around four times daily.

For Acne: Use lukewarm water to wash your face with some mild soap two times per day. Eat healthy and a well balanced diet which includes fresh fruit and veggies. Drink about two litres of water a regular to clean the poisons from the body. Exercise at least five days every week to extend oxygen to the skin. Reduce your caffeine, spicy, oily consumption.

For Hair loss: Massage with Coconut milk on your hair and wash after a little time. Apply egg yolk and massage slowly to hair for an hour and wash it.

For a Cold: Have hot ginger tea twice each day. Take some water in an enormous bowl and add some turmeric to it and boil it. Keep that boiled water bowl on a table and sat a side. Cover with blanket or towel on you & hot water and now inhale the hot vapours for 5 mins, it'll give instant relief to your nozzles. Twice each day will eases you from cold.

For Body Care : Massage with coconut oil to your body before going to bed. Don't take salted foodstuffs.

These are just a few of the natural cures that will provide assistance in daily cause.

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