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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vitamin B12: Some interesting facts

By Jody North

While you may know that vitamin B12 is essential to your health, you might not understand the precise role that it plays within the body. Additionally, you might not know how critical a B12 deficiency is or the several B12 deficiency signs that you ought to watch out for. Let us take a glance at the crucial role that vitamin B12 plays within your body and the symptoms of having lower B12 levels.

B12 is important to each cell within the human body. It's essential for the right development of red blood cells. Particularly, hemoglobin, an essential part of red blood cells, can't be produced with out vitamin B12. B12 also plays a crucial role in your neurological function. It takes on a vital role in the creation of myelin which is a fatty substance that protects your nerves from harm.

It is not unusual for a B12 deficiency to go undiscovered. Serious nerve symptoms may be wrongly recognized for Alzheimer's disease. In addition, many older people merely overlook their symptoms as indications of aging. It is essential to recognize a B12 deficiency early, because lower levels of vitamin B12 happen to be linked to the growth of chronic diseases such as strokes, coronary disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's.

Typical B12 deficiency signs include: fatigue, pallor, confusion, paranoia, difficulty breathing, numbness of hands and feet, depression, memory loss, loss of hunger, weight reduction and diarrhoea. These signs will be the results of having insufficient red blood cells in your body working to carry oxygen through the body.

In the event of a B12 deficiency, the most common treatment course is to take B12 shots. The reason that a shot is taken instead of oral supplements is because the absorption of B12 is a pretty complex biological procedure. The truth is that many people with a B12 deficiency consume sufficient B12 within their meal plans, but merely have trouble absorbing B12 properly. (The exception to this is long term vegetarians and vegans who do not ingest sufficient B12.) Taking B12 shots circumvents any absorption issues, and is therefore, the preferred way to get adequate B12 in the blood vessels when you are experiencing a deficiency.

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