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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Best Approach To Childhood Piano Lessons

By Jack Wogan

The best piano lessons for children depend on a great variety of factors. First of all, children learn differently from adults. They have the tendency to take everything as a game and they want to have fun while learning. Adults on the other hand prefer piano lessons that are organized and where they are an active part in decision making. Children in general do not actually learn. They acquire new information which is better for them because they can internalize things easier. This is why if your child is interested in taking piano lessons you have to find something that is suitable for his age and expectancies.

The best piano lessons for children are those which seem like a game but have fast results. Children in general are very impatient which is why they should be allowed to develop their own learning strategies and styles while doing something that is fun for them.

Motivation is the key to success. This is true in the case of learning how to play the piano too. It is a fact that the best approach to motivate children to learn is by allowing it to be fun and interesting. A traditional teaching approach that involves playing on and on the same notes and classical piano parts is not the best one to stir the interest of a child. Since children in general are very sincere they will most likely say they do not like what they are doing and will want to abandon the lessons.

Making the piano lessons interactive can be very useful in the case of children. These interactive methods use modern technologies which children like very much. An example of these approaches is to replace the notes with numbers helping the child forget that he is actually learning. This method is very useful in the case of adults too who consider learning easier this way. Children are encouraged to practice this way and results can be seen very fast due to the easiness with which they learn.

Since everything is interactive and easy the child can learn fast. This is very important because children in general expect to see progress very fast no matter what they learn. Moreover, interactive piano lessons are usually animated and stimulate all senses. This way, children learn by listening to the sounds but also by associating colors and numbers to each note. Stimulating the auditory and visual senses at the same time cannot have but a positive influence. Because of that, children who learn to play the piano following these modern techniques are very likely to make progress in no time.

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