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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everything You Have To Understand About Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Tanning lotion products have gained popularity among many people especially women. The lotion intensifies the effects of the sun on the body and is not like the sunscreens that people apply for protection against the sun as they have no SPF. Tanning lotion works well when activated by an ultraviolet source which increases the amount of blood flowing to the skin and promotes production of melanin.

Exposure to sun rays is usually the best economical method to get a tan to work. It uses the radiation produced by the rays of the sun. Tanning lotion can also be used indoors but with the help of a tanning bed or booth that also produces the UV radiation necessary. There is an upcoming breed of tanning lotion that does not require any form of radiation for maximum performance.

A tanning lotion usually constitutes a notable number of ingredients in it. The ingredients are natural oil extracts previously known to be of medicinal value and some synthetic chemicals too. They are chemicals that do not react with the acrylic tanning bed. Some tanning lotion manufacturers have included melanin to aid in melanin requirements.

Some of the natural oils that are present in the tanning lotion include teat tree oil also available in many other beauty products. The other oil is green tea that is also an additive to many dietary products. The natural oils are for giving the tanning lotion a natural look.

Some of the synthetic chemicals used in a tanning lotion include L Tyrosine that works well alongside the melanin. Copper is also a very important mineral but it usually in many chemical formulas. These are meant to improve what natural extracts may fall short of.

Moisturizers are also necessarily included in the tanning lotion. The skin becomes dehydrated after exposure to ultra violet radiation and that is why moisturizers are needed to keep the skin hydrated. A vital moisturizing ingredient is hemp tree oil. Ensure to use tanning lotion that is recommended by your own beautician.

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