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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Secrets To Suntan Lotion Review

By Haywood Hunter

Americans spend over $600 million a year on suntan lotion. There are literally hundreds of products on the market to choose. Choosing a product that is right for you and your family may be one of the trickiest decisions you make all summer. With the heightened attention to living, a healthier life choosing good protection is important so do a through suntan lotion review before you purchase.

For years, the makers of suntan lotion labeled their products with terms such as "waterproof" and "all-day" without any regulations. Until recently, these claims did not even have to be proven. However, recently the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) implemented standers for all suntan lotion companies that require them to have more stringent labeling procedures. Because of these laws, they can no longer make unsubstantiated claims. All products must have the UVA and UVB protection amounts they can no longer just put the UVB label.

Sun protection products are available in many different forms including lotion, gel, or spray that is applied directly to the skin. You can also buy a stick or lip balm that can be applied to the lips, nose, and eyelids. All of the products help prevent the body from becoming sunburned at varying degrees.

Customers will notice numbers on the bottles that read SPF 30 in varying degrees. SPF refers to the sun protection factor the product offers. It does not mean you can stay in the sun 30 times longer than normal but it is referring to the amount of time under the same exposure type that a person can remain in the sun without burning. Numerous variables affect how much exposure a person needs before burning.

The best way to make sure you do not burn in the sun is to rub on the lotion or cream liberally. Most of the time consumers do not use enough of the product and end up sun burned even though they put on sunscreen. Make sure you put a lot of sunscreen on the first time and do it at least 30 minutes before you go outside.

Some products protect against only UVB radiation while others protect against UVB and UVA. If the product protects against both it is classified as broad spectrum. Broad Spectrum protection is recommended for everyone 6 months of age or older. Sunscreen is not recommended for infants under 6 months of age because there skin may not be able to handle the chemicals in the product.

As we choose a healthier lifestyle, one of the main products we can purchase is suntan lotion. Remember to do your research and choose a product that is going to offer you the most protection possible from the harmful sun's rays. To limit the amount of damage the sun does to your skin use sunscreen every day.

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