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Friday, December 23, 2011

How to Get the Top SAT Scores

By Jules Elliot

Among the books in this category are the Karen Chapman series, including "The Marino Mission," and "Head Over Heels," by Ryan Nerz. Still another method of preparation is the use of flashcards that contain words found in the tests. In addition to helping one learn the words, the cards can teach their proper use by including them in sentences.

A good SAT practice session would be to use 10 or more word flashcards, from which could be made an equal number of sentences using each word separately. The mathematics portion of the SAT test comes in three parts, two of which are comprised of multiple-choice questions and the other consisting of both multiple choice and 10 "grid-in" questions, wherein an empty box is provided for the answer.

Among the published material available is a Math Level 1C test booklet containing six full-length practice examinations plus a diagnostic test by which those taking it can check and have fully explained each one of their answers. The areas covered include algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, all of which will appear in the SAT math section.

There are also courses that teach the most efficient way of using calculators in a test. This is significant, as the use of calculators has become a part of SAT exams, and in fact has found to raise the scores of those taking the tests. The writing section of the SAT exam has both multiple-choice questions and a brief essay, although the first part counts as approximately 70% of the total score of the section.

This can be accomplished by reading novels that are specifically geared to SAT preparation by raising the vocabulary of the reader, with the words that will appear on the test highlighted on each page. One such publication is a version of Mary Shelley's classic "Frankenstein". Equally useful books are "Smart Novels" published by another company. These tales not only tease the reader but showcase more than 1,000 words that frequently appear on SAT tests.

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