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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Secrets Of Getting More Tumblr Followers

By Rinny Todd

Social networking is one of the most popular and effective ways to promote your online business. There are many ways to do it using various social networks. And we are all entitled to choose whatever works best for us. So, trying to drive more traffic to our website, to promote a website or having other marketing goals, a lot of people are turning to Tumblr. And here is some useful information on getting more Tumblr followers.

It is always good to track other people when first starting out on Tumblr. Accordingly, take a look at the big boys and follow them. They will have hundred and thousands doing the same, but a fraction of these will inevitably come to you too.

One of the best ways to start is to get involved with the I Follow You Follow Me schemes. It is simple networking really; in so much as those people with like interests follow each other. This builds guests of course, but more than that will entice their band of followers to take up with your postings too.

There is caution needed here however. Simply signing up to follow as many people as possible with a view to getting deflected followers will be seen by many as spam. As such, keep things relevant and have a dedicated process on a daily or weekly basis.

Reblogging is a winning plan too, particularly of popular blogs. This gives presence to both parties which always goes down well, whilst adding a comment can help a great deal too. Simply liking what other people are saying, commenting on, and showing, is also good; it all gets your name out there; which is the point really.

These are all excellent ideas to rack up the numbers quite quickly. However, people will soon drift away should they see nothing going on of much interest. Indeed, they will leave a darn sight quicker than they will join.

Choosing a profile which is attractive is good; so try to put as much information here as possible. Nicknames should be well thought out too; something a little different and unique which stays in the mind is good. If posting pictures, providing a quote explaining them is always a nice feature that people like too.

These are the basics of getting more Tumblr followers. Just keep in mind that all these steps should be managed with care. It is very important to stay committed to promoting your profile, but you should also make sure not to overdo it. Making regular daily posts is a great start.

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