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Friday, December 2, 2011

Ladies Shaving Facial Hair To Exfoliate

By Allyson Mulloy

Women actually have a lot more hair woes than most men would think. Since women are also a part of the human race, we have our fair share of facial and body hair. But the biggest difference is that women are somehow expected to have magically hairless faces and bodies while the same does not apply for men. Talk about double standards. But regardless of my "big" talk, I still bow down to these society rules so who am I to talk? However, I am here to try to help us solve the pesky problem of too obvious facial hair. Listed here are some helpful hints for women shaving facial hair.

Though shaving is fairly easy and painless, it's probably not the way to get rid of unwanted facial hair. One thing to be happy about is that the concern about coarser and thicker hair after shaving is probably not true. Imagine the shape of the hair as somewhat cone like-one end is wider than the other. Now the part that you shaved off is the thinner part, and hence, you are stuck with the wider base. When stubbles appear, what you see is the size of the wider part of your hair. Wait for it to grow out and...presto! You'll discover that your hair didn't get thicker; it just tapered at the end.

The problem is that you will be stuck with thicker looking hair for a little while. Is it worth the extra embarrassment if people notice it? You also have to think about the possibility of ingrown hair. Because ingrown hair can appear wherever you shave, this is definitely something worth considering. Not only can ingrown hair can be cosmetically disfiguring, they can also begin scarring, form skin discoloration, causes skin infection, and worst-case scenario-lead to keloid scar formation (just imagine scars that does not stop enlarging), according to It's probably better to think twice before you decide to shave your facial hair.

On the other hand, there are several other options that are worth trying. First would be bleaching darker facial hair. But some women find that's not enough because it's not a matter of whether other people can see the hair, but whether their foundations and concealers go on smoothly (similar to the idea behind a clean canvas in art).

If that's the case, it seems as if removing the hair itself would be the best option. You can apply depilatory creams that magically "dissolve" your hair away. But from what I understand, it causes irritation for a lot of people so it might not be the option for you. You can also wax the facial hair off. Keeping in mind that the skin on the face is much softer, thinner, and more sensitive than the hair on your arms, legs, and other places, waxing might not be that good of an idea afterall.

Plucking the individual hairs out seems to be a good option, but honestly, how long would that take? It's best you put away your tweezers because it's kind of a mission impossible.

I don't know if you've heard of something called an "epi stick" but they became a popular tool to remove hair in the recent years. It works similar to threading and let me tell you, it hurts just as much as it sounds. But the good thing is that it definitely works and you are not applying anything that might irritate your skin. After you bend the stick into an inverted U, you put it next to where you want to remove hair. The coils on the stick get a good grip on your hair and proceed to pull them out when you twist the ends. I would say that while this might hurt, it is very effective. And it's worth a try. The popular saying definitely comes into mind: no pain, no gain!

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