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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Panic Attacks and What Can Cause Them

By Lashon Shinnick

Men and women of all ages suffer from panic attacks and are confused as to what causes them. The severity of the attacks can vary, however even mild conditions can be disruptive to your life. It is a necessity for a doctor to be consulted to diagnose this condition accurately. This is because there could be different variables that are at play as well as the fact that the symptoms can be misleading. Your doctor can determine if this or something else is what you suffer form. Causes can often be as vague as the symptoms of panic attacks are. Below we talk about just a few of the reasons for panic attacks in hopes that increased knowledge will help you to cope.

Many are quite mislead by the term cause, since this doesn't quite describe the whole story. Many conditions can cause panic attacks, but the condition is not completely understood. Some suggest that the process for interpreting personal alarm or threats becomes activated during inappropriate conditions. The reasoning behind this or even the biological process that occur are not fully known. In this article we have gathered some information about the causes of panic attacks.

The literal trigger of panic attacks is totally unknown, despite the strong belief that there is not a solo trigger for them, either. Conceivably, at some instance the issue will be completely understood and there very well could be one factor that encompasses a multitude of developments. The symptoms of panic attack is often thought of in terms of emotional symptoms. When a person is experiencing panic, especially when there is no apparent threat, then that calls into play the psychological component even more. Physicians and researchers pay close attention to a variety influences linked to biological condition, mental condition and thinking, and environment stress elements.

There can be disturbing happenings in a person's life that can cause a panic disorder, or the recurring happening of panic attacks. Panic attacks can be noticeable at a very young age in adolescence if the incidents are suitably ruthless. Surely, the panic disorder will be evident by adulthood years. What kinds of traumatic situations can trigger this? The most repeatedly quoted are sexual abuse during childhood and/or physical abuse. There are practices and responses that cause an elevated feeling of dread, or a dreadful response, and that will lead into the literal panic attack.

Chronic fatigue syndrome and hyperventilation are symptoms of panic attacks that can actually be caused by other medical conditions. There have been cases where the medical condition and the panic attacks are in fact symptoms of one another. Many link hyperventilation with panic attacks, however those with this condition can experience panic attacks as a complication. If faced with this complicated problem or any others, you and your doctor have to then determine which one to treat, or do you treat both. It is imperative that you meet with your doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing hyperventilation on a frequent bases.

If you have panic attacks, you are understandably trying to figure out what causes them. As always, it does seem to help, the more information you can collect about the nature of these attacks. It is important to document the conditions when each attack happens. Commonalities may show up in the place they occur, the time of day or maybe the weather conditions.

Handling them will becoming easier, the more you learn about them.

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