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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Tour To Cairo From Sharm El Sheikh

By Rob Atherton

Each year, visitors travel to the fave destination of Sharm from UK. They come to take it easy by the beach or swimming pool. Some need to dive and other spend ages snorkelling on nearby reefs. There are a large amount of tours on offer for travellers and holiday makers to Sharm and one of the more well-liked ones is an excursion to Egypt's capital, Cairo.

Cairo is home to the world renowned Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx but the day journeys to Cairo offer way more than simply these age-old monuments. From Sharm el Sheikh, day-trippers can either get to Cairo by road or air. Either way, its an early start with trips leaving at approximately 2 in the morning and flights at close to 5 in the morning. It makes for a long day ahead however it is unquestionably worth the effort.

Itineraries may change on trip to trip but frequently begins with a trip to the Cairo Museum or to give it's proper title "The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo". Almost all of the morning is spent at the museum and it is full with some respected pieces. A number of the more glorious pieces are those discovered in the crypt of the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen which include the notable gold and blue death mask. There are a fair number of bits of furniture and ornaments and one thing that is obvious is how well the colours are preserved in several of the treasures taking into consideration they're millenia old. All the same there is much too much to explore in the museum so tourists have to decide on the areas they would like to view.

From the museum, the group is taken down to the Nile for a meal on board a stream boat. There's a decent choice of food and for entertainment there also are dancers. On the other hand, it is possible to enjoy the Cairo skyline go by as you sail up and back to your start line.

Next are the Pyramids of Giza. Looking at lots of stills, you may be forgiven for thinking the Pyramids are in the middle of the desert but that is not the situation. The Pyramids and Sphinx are largely on the edge of Cairo. It is very tough not to be astounded the moment you get up near to the Great Pyramid thanks to the actual size of the it. You'll be able to have a good amount of time here to stroll round the Pyramids and there are no shortage of folk attempting to sell you a broad variety of souvenirs or rides on their camels. There are sufficient possibilities for photos before the tour coach drives you a bit further down to the Sphinx. Just as before, you'll be given the opportunity to purchase a selection of keepsakes and there are further picture prospects. Nonetheless the Sphinx has not worn so well as the Pyramids which suggests you can not get as near to it. It is late afternoon as the group leaves Cairo's most prominent holiday maker sights there is, however, still time for two more visits.

The first of these stops is at a perfume shop where your are invited to try a few of the many perfumes the shop offers. Next the tour coach gets started to go back to the airport with one remaining stop on the way. Papyrus is the paper like material manufactured by the historical Egyptians from the pith of the Papyrus reed. It was used to scribble on but today, it's a familiar tourist memento, in most situations with photos of long standing Egyptian gods and similar images. At the Papyrus shop, there's a extensive range of Papyrus available and tourists can also enjoy a display of how present day Papyrus is made.

The tour coach leaves and the tour group to Cairo is over. The excursion now makes a return to airfield for the flight back to Sharm el Sheikh or the road journey. The day visits to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh are quite knackering but are very good price. For vacation makers staying in Sharm, it's a superb way to see several of the sights of Cairo without actually staying there.

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