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Friday, December 9, 2011

Thinking About Returning to College for Business? Consider Cardinal Stritch University

Many of you know that I recently returned to my alma mater, Cardinal Stritch University, to pursue a Master of Science in Management (MSM) degree through the University's College of Business and Management.

So far, the program is great. I'm not even two months into the program, and am already finding it to be very beneficial in my professional life.

So if you're looking to return to school for a business program, I highly recommend considering Stritch. The College of Business and Management has great programs at all levels: associate, bachelor, and master.

My enrollment counselor's name was Megan Perri, although I also worked with her colleague, Melissa Bohanon, a little bit through the process while Megan was away on business. Both were extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. I highly recommend them.

Megan Perri's contact info can be found at:

Melissa Bohanon's contact info can be found at:

--Aaron Robertson, president, Intrepid Innovations Inc. 

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