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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Killer Tips To Keep Your Skin Smooth and Irritation-Free After Shaving

By Kim Kairns

When the FDA authorized laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal devices for use at home I simply needed to buy one. The truth is, I loathed shaving. It used up a great deal of my time... however, the problem was, I disliked having unwelcome hair much more! And so I shaved. I shaved my body virtually each day. And do you know what? Although I despised it, I ultimately got great at it! And so, if I can't persuade you to grab yourself an at-home system like the Silk'n SensEpil, at the very least allow me to give some of the tricks and tips I discovered on how to shave efficiently while avoiding skin discomfort.

To begin with, there's very little better than a steaming hot bath or shower, right? Just can't disagree with that. But not if you are planning to shave. Shaving in a steaming hot shower may cause skin redness. It's really better to have cooler skin while shaving, but tepid to warm water will help soften your hair to make it considerably easier to trim. So you need to, therefore refrain from temperature extremes. Cool or tepid water is the best for shaving, with cooler water offering the additional advantage of lowering blood circulation within your skin which reduces bleeding in case you cut yourself.

Next, moisturize your skin frequently - prior to, during and right after your shaving. Make sure to scrub your skin often. Skin aggravation, shaver burn and bumps can happen since your skin is too dehydrated to permit the shaver to move easily, and dead skin cells can result in in-grown hair as well as those small zits all of us hate!

Finally, develop good shaving technique. When I first started shaving, I wanted to get as close a shave as possible. Then I learned that if you shave too closely, your skin will get very irritated, especially if you shave everyday and don't give your skin a chance to recover. I also always shaved against the way my hair grew to achieve that closeness... So, I bet you can guess what you're NOT supposed to do. If you shave pretty much everyday anyway, you don't need to get a super close shave every time. If you can resist the urge to shave closely and shave in the same direction as your hair grows, you'll do a lot to prevent the most common skin irritations. It's that easy.

Take note, these things aren't brain surgery, but it is information that's great to understand if you have been attempting to discover a balance between hair-free skin and reddish, rashy, and rough skin. Simply keep all these easy ideas in mind and you will obtain a lot better results shaving than you did in the past.

But, in the end, you're still going to be spending a whole lot of your life with a razor in your hand. That I can't help you with... unless I can finally convincing you to get yourself a nice shiny at-home IPL device!

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