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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Night time Snack foods for People with diabetes

By Vickie Poole

Anyone who is a diabetic understands the importance of eating the right foods at mealtime and the importance of snacks during the day. These snacks are made especially so that a diabetic can balance out their sugar levels all through the day.

One snack that may often get overlooked- the bedtime snack. As often as you were told growing up that eating a snack before bedtime was not good for you, for a diabetic it can be essential to eat a snack at night about an hour before bedtime. This is to help keep the blood sugar levels from dropping way too low during the time you are sleeping.

By consuming a snack prior to bed, you as a diabetic are stabilizing your blood sugar level prior to bed time and will also assist you to sleep a great deal much more peacefully so you will not wake up hungry within the middle in the night wanting to raid the refrigerator. For the very best outcomes it is greatest to choose a really wholesome snack that consists of some carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and 1 that also isn't going to trigger a spike in blood sugar levels.

Entire grains are an excellent alternative to contain as a bedtime snack. Crackers or bread will maintain you feeling full all by means of the night as a result of the high fiber content material inside the entire grains. They also will offer you the carbs you will need to ensure that your body has the power to function all night extended. So several entire wheat crackers or perhaps a piece of entire grain toast using a small bit of peanut butter is going to offer you every little thing they want at night without having causing a spike in their blood sugar. You may also add a cup of low fat milk also for just a little added calcium.

Don't forget the fresh fruits or veggies. They can satisfy a sweet tooth or just a hunger craving quite easily. You can even freeze twenty red grapes or a whole banana for a really quick and refreshing snack during the hot evenings or you can make yourself a bedtime smoothie by mixing together a banana and a half a cup of plain yogurt. Or you could snack on some cherry tomatoes, cut carrot, bell peppers or celery sticks. For a little extra use some salsa, hummus or light ranch as a dip.

Nuts are a great snack for night time as well. Because they can be high in oils be safe and just limit yourself to one serving. This is usually one ounce of nuts, or the amount that you can fit inside of the palm of your hand without spilling them. The best ones to try and stick with would be pecans, cashews, walnuts and almonds. Try to avoid any that are heavily salted.

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