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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pastry Chef School

By Joan Norman

The term 'culinary art' best applies to making dessert. The knowledge of making elegant and dazzling tortes, sugar sculptures and wedding cakes is only partly acquired in a pastry chef school. Before one can occupy a position of pastry chef, one needs both specialized training and lots of work experience in the pit, because one has to master the culinary repertoire as well as the artistic technique.

There are lots of pastry chef school offers that you can research online. In theory and in practice, the pastry chef relies on culinary ability and creativity in order to bake great pastries and make delicious cakes. Knowing how to plate dessert and how to supervise kitchen staff represent other major requirements for the aspirant to a pastry chef position. Another thing that no pastry chef school can give you is stamina. Being a chef is a very physically demanding position with lots of early morning hours (3 or 4 a.m.). A pastry chef thus needs to handle both physical and mental stress well.

It is a good idea to search for a pastry chef school based on previous education. There are special online programs that help you with the search according to the specific fields you mark in their forms. Then, you'll be able to find the most suitable learning opportunity for your case. You can select from the offer of culinary arts colleges, international culinary schools and culinary art institutes. Almost every state has several pastry chef school offers that you can take a look at and evaluate in view of pursuing an education.

Not everybody will take up training in a pastry chef school. There are plenty of gifted people that prefer to climb the steps of their career by focusing on hands-on experience first and foremost. Apprenticeships represent the most important part of developing the skills for the culinary arts. It usually takes years of working under a master pastry chef before the apprentice has the chance to get to such a professional level. The passage is neither smooth nor easy, as it requires long hours of standing and elaborating around the kitchen.

Apprenticeship or graduation from a pastry chef school culminates with a certification exam, but only when the trainee has accumulated enough hands-on experience. From a certain point of view, working as a chef requires constant testing, trying and improving. That's how some of the most exquisite desserts are created, thanks to the creativity of people who love their job.

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