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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Effect a Postage Meter Will Have on a Home Business

By Christopher Ulrich

A postage meter can add a idea of seriousness to any home business. Not only in the look and feel of outgoing mail, but also in the way a postage meter from Pitney Bowes can help streamline that business. Home businesses can range anywhere from a small website offering a few benefits to a production facility making products on demand. Whichever the case for a particular operation, postage is often one topic not often made when it comes time to budget and add up expenses.

Postage can add up fast for any home business. A letter here or an invoice there doesn't seem like a large amount of postage, but when that quantity becomes five or ten or even twenty per day, or every couple of days, after a month, there are realistically hundreds of items leaving the home business through the mail.

A lot of home business owners function by themselves without any help. They are in charge of addressing and sealing the letters and affixing the appropriate postage. This may make estimates at the end of the month a bit more ideal, but having a Pitney Bowes postage meter can ensure that the figures are precise.

A postage meter by Pitney Bowes records each letter or package sent as well as the cost in postage for them. Home businesses often operate on narrow budgets and miniscule profit margins, so every penny will matter over time. For example, if a home business owner estimates that she mails out three hundred packages, letters, invoices, or bills per month, then her monthly fees will be close to five hundred dollars. If she uses a postage meter to track them, she might find that she is actually sending out closer to five hundred.

Then, taking this example, if the average letter costs less than the postage that this owner has glued to each one, there's more money being eliminated from other critical aspects of the business's budget. A postage meter is a great way to keep track of one of the most mundane aspects of any business. After all, to compose, print out, fold, stuff, and stamp each letter, in most cases, you're not making any revenue from the process. Throwing away money on unnecessary extra postage is a common and useless expense.

Pitney Bowes has been an innovator in the postage industry. Many of the United States Postal Service's machines are created and designed by Pitney Bowes, so it's safe to say that they understand a thing or two about the process. A postage meter will also print professional, business-like stamps on your outgoing mail so that your customers, associates, and clients will see this professionalism right on the surface.

A Pitney Bowes postage meter is generally another way for a home business to increase its standing with its clients as well as keep extra money over the long-term. A few dollars here and there may not seem like a lot at the time, but when the numbers begin to pile up over time, any business owner functioning on a fixed budget will realize the impact a postage meter will have on their bottom line, and their image.

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