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Monday, February 20, 2012

Key Facts Every Person Should Really Know About Heartburn Treatment

By David Albertson

Heartburn or acid reflux happens when ring muscle that behaves as a valve between the swallowing tube or esophagus and stomach does not close well. If that is so acids, foods and liquids from the stomach flow back to esophagus.

Many doctors will tell that stress; either emotional or physical can be significant contributing factor to acid reflux or GERD disease. Many functions of the body are affected when we feel stresses, including weakening of the ring muscle that connects esophagus with stomach.

The key signs of acid reflux are regular discomfort in chest and burning feel in throat and chest area. Among other symptoms are cough and voice changes. Some report about feel of food stuck in their throat or tightness of the throat. Almost 1/2 acid reflux sufferers report on nasal issue or sino-nasal symptoms.

Heartburn or acid reflux ought not to be ignored. As stomach content comes in touch with the esophagus, inflammations is experienced, resulting in scars and damage of the tissues. If left not treated, acid reflux could doubtless damage esophagus tissues and valve and could even lead gradually to esophageal cancer. That is why it is so crucial to treat this condition seriously.

Conventional doctors will tell you to use drugs, for example antacids, proton pump inhalers or PPI or H2 Blockers. Sadly, these drugs will supply only short term relief and in the long term could cause more difficulties. Not so many people know the facts that most of drugs have side effects, eg muscle discomfort, headache, slow breathing and tiredness.

Another aspect of risk of taking drugs is usually because drugs block the production of acids, so that body's capacity to absorb nutrient elements is limited. That leads to increased risks of osteoporosis or bone loss, because body cannot absorb adequate amounts of calcium.

To avert risks of using medications for heartburn treatment, much safer following the natural route. That is why so many people turned to alternative strategies, like the ones, described in Heartburn No More review.

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