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Friday, February 10, 2012

Press Release: Occupy Milwaukee, Center for Occupation Project


Project to create the Milwaukee Center for Occupation, Youth Hostel and Community Resource Co-op. at the abandoned Liberty State Bank building, located at 2708 N. MLK Dr.

Occupy Milwaukee, Committee on Occupation: "Our focus in trying to acquire and establish Legal Occupancy in this space, represents a change in focus for members of the Occupy encampment, from one of how to continue "Occupying" in protest, to one of how to create a center for building a lasting occupation, employability, and self-reliance for Milwaukee residents, in conditions of deep economic disparity. Through forging community partnerships, and enlisting skilled volunteer labor, our goal is to create a self-sustaining Center for Occupation".

Center for Occupation, to provide emergency housing, food distribution, job training, self-employment training, educational services, counseling services, and increased access to other existing community organizations, in the area surrounding the building.

"We are now in the beginning phases of organization and planning for this project, and are actively seeking people who can assist in the processes of design, business organization, investment, and remodeling, with the end product in mind of transforming this building into a model of off-the-grid sustainability. Help us to create a living outreach mission, to increase the employability and resilience of people and communities in economic crisis, in Milwaukee today."

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