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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Best Homemade Remedies for Acne

By David Brown

Spots are not something anybody wants to have to deal with. It really is the plain truth. Bad skin is embarrassing--it makes no difference how old we are or whether that bad skin has just a pimple or two or is covered in extensive acne. Acne is particularly problematic and often for far longer than we thought it would be when we first dipped our feet into the waters of puberty as teens. We devote many years slathering ourselves with every single chemical and acne fighter we can find. But what if you could potentially clear up your skin in less of a challenge and less toxic ways? There are numerous natural acne remedies that work quite nicely. Below are a few.

Aloe Vera is typically associated with burn alleviation. The reason being it's very calming and helpful in drawing out the heat of a sunburn or even a typical burn. Did you know you also can use it to treat zits? There are many polysaccharides contained in Aloe that will help make the skin heal quite a lot faster. Aloe doesn't care how an injury was brought about. Zit or burn, aloe vera has proven pretty useful. Tear open a leaf and place the watery gel from inside of it on to the area that's affected. You will notice a decrease in redness and swelling almost straight away!

You have likely heard that placing cucumber slices on your eyes can help cut down on puffiness. Cucumber is another great acne treatment. It can help keep your skin hydrated and pumps it full of nutrients. The ideal way to use cucumber to treat acne breakouts is to make a cucumber mask (you can find many recipes online) and apply it two times a week. Before long you'll see a visible improvement to your complexion and quality. This same mask also helps boost your skin's zit fighting properties.

Strawberries are great for dealing with pimples. Salicylic acid is a typical ingredient in many acne fighters, particularly those designed to fight acne that is severe. Strawberries are a great all-natural source of salicylic acid. They are likewise filled with the other nutrients that your skin needs to help fight against acne scars. It's not hard to treat acne by either putting sliced strawberry pieces straight onto a spot or you can come up with a mask by smashing up a few strawberries and mixing them with cream. Wear the mask for twenty or so minutes and then wash it off with clean water. Your skin is going to be quite happy.

Potato juice could be used to treat zits. Potatoes comprise mainly of water but when that water comes out of the potato it is not just plain H20. It's water that is filled with the same vitamins and minerals contained within the potato. The high levels of potassium, phosphorous, sulfur and chlorine are all excellent for reducing acne scars. The juice can be had by pressing chopped pieces of potato or positioning the chopped pieces directly on to your skin.

Plenty of wonderful and natural things can be used to help treat acne problems. Why would you elect to remain spotty and embarrassed when you have a lot of reasons to clear it up?

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