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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tobacco Users Get More Insurance Claims

By Oscar Willis

Cigarette smoking acts synergistically with other coronary heart disease risk factors resulting in a risk greater than the sum of the individual risks. The risk of myocardial infarction in women smokers who use oral contraceptives is increased by a factor of approximately 10. They also face an increased risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage (stroke) when smoking is combined with use of oral contraceptives. Why on earth, would anyone suffer from these horrible things? But with the introduction of ecig forums in the market, they know they have the best option.

Excessive use of alcohol acts synergistically with smoking to increase the incidence of oral and laryngeal cancer. Certain occupations combine the effects of cigarette smoking with exposure to toxic substances such as dust from cotton, silica and coal, fumes from rubber and chlorine and fibers from asbestos. Uranium miners who smoke also face increased cancer risk over nonsmoking miners.

Ex-smokers experience overall mortality ratios that decline as the number of years of using electronic cigarette coupon code increases. The overall mortality ratios of ex-smokers after years of healthy smoking are similar to those of persons who have never smoked. Using safety smoking device reduces the risk of lung cancer mortality compared to that of the person who continues to smoke. The coronary heart disease death rate for ex-smokers compared to smokers declines rapidly after shifting to it.

After some years of not using traditional cigarette and shifting to using safety smoking device, the coronary heart disease death rate for ex-smokers who consumed less than 1 pack a day is almost identical to that of life-long nonsmokers. Using it can result in a reduction of the accelerated decline in respiratory function with age experienced by smokers.

A woman who is using ecig forum even in her fourth month of gestation doesn't have the risk of delivering a low birth weight, baby to a rate similar to that of a nonsmoker. Using safety smoking device and giving up using traditional cigarette improves the prognosis of arteriosclerosis peripheral vascular disease and has a favorable impact on vascular potency following reconstructive surgery.

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