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Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to Learn the Father Daughter and Mother Son Dances

By Susan Todd

You have likely started pondering about your first dance as husband and wife and what that'll be like. What songs will you choose, what dance will you do? Is it necessary to learn the way to dance? If so , how are you going to do it?

When thinking about learning a selected dance, you will also wish to consider who else you'll be dancing with at your reception. If your father or mother is going to dance with you, do they' like to do a formal dance? If they are willing to learn a formal dance, then you can truly wow your family and friends with several stunning dances in a row.

One of the best methods of learning to dance is to take a group class. This is especially important if you'll be dancing with your partner and your family. If your family is not local, then they can take a similar class in their area. Dancing with different individuals will help you to learn to dance with anyone and you'll be prepared to dance with your father or mom, even if you never have before the big night. You only need to know the basic steps to do this successfully and have a enjoyable time.

I was lucky that my dad took classes and wished to dance with me. He only felt comfy doing the waltz, but that was enough and we had a great dance. The day before my wedding, we performed a practice run and I would suggest doing that if you're able. It will put your mind at rest and you will be relaxed for those special dances on the big day.

Like the first dance, the father daughter wedding dance and the mother son dance are important, too. You should apply as much effort and time for these dances.

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