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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Replacing Glasses Lenses: Do It Yourself Repairs

By Cathy Sourbridge

People who wear eyeglasses know the difficulties that are involved. They can get scratched or dirty and in some cases small damages may occur which require repairs. If a person finds themselves with a lens that has fallen out of the frame there are some easy ways for replacing glasses lenses without the help of a professional.

One of the most common types of damage is for a lens to fall out of the frame. Some people find it tough to get it back in because it is a little bigger than the frame which holds it. There are some simple strategies available whether the person has metal frames or ones made from plastic.

Frames made from plastic are fairly easy to repair because they are much more flexible and can be stretched without damage. The first thing to do is to grab the outer part of the lens and slide it into the slot or bevel which is found in the frame. Then it can be popped back in by just applying some light pressure on the other side using the thumb.

Metal frames can be a bit trickier because the metal will not stretch which makes it difficult to replace without damage to the lens or frames. This operation will require the assistance of a small screwdriver. These are usually purchased as part of an eyeglass maintenance kit which can be found in many different stores.

Using the small screwdriver the person should loosen the screw that connects the arm to the main part of the frame. Be sure not to lose the screw, as they are quite small and can be hard to find. Pop the lens back in using the same technique as before and then simply retighten the screw.

For minor repairs such as replacing glasses lenses a person does not have to visit the eye doctor. With just a few simple tools and the right pressure a lens can be put back in at home. People can do these repairs quickly and save themselves the time of visiting an eye doctor.

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