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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little Known Facts about Keyword Strategies

By Gerald Welch

One of the most intimidating and possibly confusing aspects of online marketing is SEO, or search engine optimization. That has been true ever since the phrase and practice were invented many years ago. But a lot of that is due to misinformation, outdated information, and people simply spreading bad information. It is true that Google really does not look kindly on SEO, and they have said it; they do not want people engaging in SEO practices. Nevertheless, you can make your own efforts pay-off a bit better when you use as many tools as you can.|The area concerning links encompasses a fair amount of information. Then there are sub-areas within the overall that you really should become familiar with if not learn really well. But for today we will be talking about the links on your own site, and it does not matter if that is a static site or a blog. Aside from always wanting to have solid on site navigation, which includes links, you need to do more if you are going for SEO and ranking. So here are three very good techniques and approaches to learn and put to use on all your sites.|Even though local search has been pretty hot for a few years, it is still relatively young and nowhere even close to being saturated. Not exactly sure why that is, but it could be because it just takes a while for people and businesses to embrace change, etc.

That is fine, though, because it represents a lot of opportunities for a lot of people. Even if you think it is something that will not benefit you, you should still do it because the rest of the world will catch up to it. You always want to position yourself with this kind of development because it is still unfolding and the whole story has not yet been written.|If there was ever one aspect of online marketing that so many people get hung up on it must be keyword research. Granted, it is important and useful in many ways, so it is an understandable obsession. What you should do though, if you want better results, is learn how to apply the right kind of leverage to your research and use of keywords. There really are some things that are never, if only very rarely, discussed in forums or seen in ebooks. Almost all people do the exact same things with their keywords, and you should learn how to do the things that others do not.|It pays to get to know people who do various kinds of online marketing. The reason for that is you will sometimes learn new things, such as keyword strategies, that are unique and powerful - and not taught to the general public. Or simply take the time and check out other sources for data regarding this issue. Even if you have never given this any thought, you may want to consider it now. We will be offering a few tactics that may be of use to you in your hunt for ways to locate and use keywords.

If you follow what everybody always teaches about on page optimization, then your pages will be optimized just like the billions of other pages. The entire and complete web page matters in terms of keyword phrase frequency, etc, and not just the standard places. This is just a point that all of the words on any given page will be analyzed. But you do not want to limit yourself to only your primary page phrase, and this can bring in more traffic as well. So what you will end up with is a primary or main page and then your additional phrases related to that.|Any site you have can benefit from the proper assignment of anchor text for your links. Any page you link to on your site will be optimized for a keyword phrase, and those phrases comprise anchor text. Your site visitors will also use these as important traffic signs or navigation aids. Think of this as something that is win-win because it's helpful to your readers so both of you win. If you are fairly new with SEO, then you should learn all about how to make your link and navigation internal structure more SEO friendly.|Once your Google Places listing is active, market it aggressively and comprehensively--you want as much exposure and as many links as it is possible to get. It's true--it is important to get as many mentions and citations as you can. These act as 'social proof' for Google in terms of how popular you are. It's helpful to think of this as a sort of direct backlink in terms of SEO value for your Google Places because it definitely has an effect on your rankings.

So what you really want is to be as active as possible and figure out how to get your site cited as much as it can. Directory listings work great for this as does having other people (lots of people) review your website. But directories are a very common way to accomplish this for most people simply because they are easier.|Good keyword research techniques are absolutely necessary. That's something that Internet marketers learn fast. Mostly though, you want to tap into the right words to attract Internet surfers with a specific 'intent'. You need to understand that some people use the Internet to do their due diligence and get more information about the products they're interested in buying. They're really just researching and not even committed to buying yet. They have to spend a proper amount of time examining their options before they'll be ready to buy. Don't waste your time research keywords that will have people endlessly 'kicking tires' on your site when you can go for the gold mine keywords for people who are ready to buy.|Given the large number of keywords and phrases that exist, even given an entire lifetime you would not see the majority of them. The bulk of them are seldom used; leaving the traditional ones to usually do the job. When the source you use to search for keywords and phrases is through the use of software, you just need to keep in mind that what you will find there is simply a small fraction of what is actually available.

You will have a good experience if you can take it upon yourself to make your point through keywords and phrases, as well as being sure to show a similarity between them and your product. You will be amazed at the results when you take something and see how many ways you can think of to portray it. Using this methodology makes for a prosperous endeavor for internet marketers. IM marketers all know about the alt tag for on page SEO, but more can be done with those pictures. Probably 99% of IM marketers never go beyond the alt tag for on page factor. The thing you have to do with anything in IM is to keep learning because that is how you expand your knowledge base. Right click on an image and check out the properties, and you can see that there are optimizing opportunities, there. Take the time to do this for all your images and it will definitely be worth it.|

You can help keep visitors on your sites by placing links with good anchor text in your actual content and pointing to relevant content. In-line links are some of the best you can have pointing to your site, and they work well with the approach, too. Unless you have a very large site, you should make all your posts contain these related links. Think about using both in-line links and links that are external to the content but not in the sidebar, either. You need to use all the edge and tactics you can to help your visitors and SEO efforts, and these are two methods for that. Remember to monitor your site traffic logs and time spent on site per visitor.|

Once you've finished your Google Place Page, you're going to need to be sure all of your details are taken care of. And even though this is just mostly about administrative stuff, it's still a super important step to take care of. It's important to keep up with your updates so that all of the information about your business is current.

It's important to update the information on your Places Page whenever any of your details (like your phone number) change. Not filling out the page could negatively impact you in terms of a variety of ranking factors. The algorithm Google uses for its search engine factors this in and is unique for it.|

This way you don't waste your time, and the time of your audience, by trying to sell them something they're not ready to buy. There are many times when people are simply gathering information and statistics and not at all interested in buying - yet. They want the details about the product and not a high pressure sale. When a person simply isn't interested in buying, there isn't a sales letter around that will talk them into it. The details are what they're after for the time being. Buying decisions come at a later stage in the process. You need 'ready to buy' keywords if you're after an audience that has their wallet in hand and is ready to go.|You may want to take an extra measure of caution when you are deciding on which keywords and/or key phrases; especially when you are the one that is responsible for your content. Be mindful of what your potential customers are viewing; in other words keep things rolling along with an interesting tone. Just be careful of the way you use your keywords and try to keep them put in suitable locations. There are those who depend on their success by following in the footsteps of experienced writers who use specific formats when writing. You may feel like you need to do your individual thing, which is great; however, you need to take what your readers will enjoy into account.

The one link on any site that almost never gets optimized is the Home link for the home page. If you are totally new, then check out a site and notice that HOME page link is always over on the left, at the top. Your overall theme and home page are centered around one major keyword phrase, and that is what you need to put in place of 'home.' We are not talking about the primary phrase for any other page other than the home page. Try to avoid making it obscure so your visitors do not become confused about where the home page is.|Think about how you can improve your on-site linking regardless of having a blog or not. So just remember that the same principles apply to non-blog sites as they do to blogs for this. But most people will not go as far as they can with this such as placing links outside of content in the main page area. As with anything else in marketing, too much is not good so use some good judgment about it. This is part of your on-site SEO education, and of course there is more you can learn.|Customer reviews are important and not just in terms of the high rankings that Google Places gives to your business. You can probably see without us having to tell you that there are a lot of people who want to game the system with a lot of fake reviews. There are definite risks involved here and while it is ultimately up to you, we do not actively encourage it. A good way around this is to ask your satisfied customers to put up reviews of your business on your Places listing.

As with those who game the system, there are some who are offering rewards for the people who actually do this. You could also choose to look at this as incentive for people to submit reviews. If an affiliate tried to do this that affiliate would be punished.|Ever heard of Amazon marketing? It's showing no signs of slowing down. Have you noticed how digital products seem to be on the decline lately? As a result of this decline, many Internet marketers are beginning to transition to something along the lines of the Amazon marketing opportunity. If this is something you're considering it's important to master the fine art of the 'buy now' keyword. Of course you'll never fully escape the people who are just shopping around but mastering these nifty keywords will help make your ventures more profitable.|Some online marketers are on the radical side and can get a little bigheaded when it comes to stuff like content search criteria. You just need to remember to be mindful of keeping your content lighthearted and interesting. To produce satisfactory content, you would be wise to set up and use a plan of action. You might try taking the keyword phrase from every part of your content and then make a list to follow. It shouldn't be difficult to match these terms to primary phrases that are associated. Now you have the ability to use these in any content writing you may produce down the road. What you really need to do is find out who can be trusted to learn SEO from, and then you go about the process of learning. If you are really very new, then go to a marketing forum and start reading or asking questions, or both. Be sure you check the dates on any web content you read, and be careful if there isn't a date on it.|

One of the easiest things to do for your site is make your internal linking stronger. Anytime you roll-out something new like this on your site, make sure you know what people are doing and where they are going. This is not a magic pill, and your results may be nothing if your content is bad. So remember this is just one important aspect of links, and of course there are several others, too.|

There is so much that can be done to raise your local business within the rankings of the search engines. When you're new (and you most likely are) you need to learn about this on your own. Why would you pay someone else to do it for you when you can do all of it on your own and pretty simply too?|

The keywords you want to target, at the end of the day, are t he keywords that are most likely to result in the sell you're trying to make. Target keyword phrases that include the word 'buy' as part of your efforts to attract a buying audience. As you learn more about selecting the right keywords you're sales and figures will rise.|You would be well advised to apply these methods when you are attempting your online business and marketing ventures. Now that you have established these tools, you may begin applying them to your own internet use. The notion of applying keywords from your efforts will be appreciated when you do pay per click advertising.

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