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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Arbonne International: Strategies To Be An Arbonne International High Income Producer

By Eduardo Kooliantra

Arbonne International success seekers: Want to dominate and build a HUGE business?

If you wish to become a top earner, you must go well beyond your circle of friends and family. You have to learn how to market- like a REAL business!

I've been groomed by 6 and 7-figure income earners who taught me the following strategies we quietly use to build large businesses:

- You Can't Make Excuses

Making excuses is one of the biggest problems I see among network marketers in companies such as Arbonne International. Somebody signs up. They put in a few weeks of effort. Things are more challenging than they expected, and they start to get frustrated. They end up quitting. Almost every time, these people say the same things:

- I have too little time

- This costs too much money

- I can't do this

These are merely excuses. As an entrepreneur, you are likely to feel like you don't have enough time to invest into your Arbonne International business. New network marketers also usually feel they have too little money, and not enough skills. These are normal.

If you're making excuses, your circumstances are more challenging than your mindset can handle. No one who goes on to make a lot of money ion network marketing has a lot of money, time and skills when they start.

But we top earners did not allow themselves to create excuses. A top producer is someone who believed he would make the time, find the money and persist until he succeeded.

You must get beyond making excuses if you are going to succeed in Arbonne International. Excuses are a sign you must cultivate a winning mindset. You need to invest massively into a mindset development program. You're going to need a mindset coach and to attend mindset development seminars. You're going to need to invest thousands of dollars into your own training and education. Buy the training materials, courses and systems you require to build a thriving Arbonne International enterprise.

- Stand Out From Other Reps

Some of your friends, family and associates will join your Arbonne International business just because they know you already. Promoting Arbonne International online has some very different qualities. Thousands of people online promote the same opportunity you represent.

A prospect needs to choose you versus other Arbonne International reps who could sponsor them. On the Internet, you have no choice but to stand out from everyone else. You must supply your prospect a rationale to enroll with YOU, not some other person marketing the same opportunity.

In multilevel marketing, differentiation means offering VALUE to your prospects in addition to the business that you're promoting. The most effective benefit you can provide is to teach your prospects tactics and strategies they can take advantage of to recruit more representatives or make more money.

Make videos and send emails that teach people how to sponsor people, foster duplication and boost retention. Through instructing, posture yourself as a trusted expert, not simply another rep. Teaching will help you stand out so you end up recruiting a lot more Arbonne International reps.

- Rely On Expert Presenters

The most effective way sponsor people and sell things is to move people through a marketing system where prospects watch a presentation. Use the absolute highest caliber presentation your company has. This tactic pertains to all the things you are promoting, including affiliate products as well as your Arbonne International opportunity.

In most network marketing companies such as Arbonne International, there are usually 3-4 top producers who are excellent at presenting your opportunity. These people are usually the ones who have generated large incomes and have a lot of credibility. Allow the best presenters to deliver the pitches for you. His/her conversion rates (from presentation attendee to sign-up) are likely to be two to three times higher than those of a novice presenter.

Stay away from pitching, describing and presenting to people. Make use of virtual presentations, such as webinars and DVDs, delivered by the experts. You will preserve a lot of valuable time this way. Presenting is a skill that can take years to perfect. Master presenters are master persuaders, and studying the psychology of influence can help you become a better presenter. At some point you will be ready to deliver your own presentations. Prior to that stage, rely on sales tools created by top presenters.

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