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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Option Trade Adjustments

By Donald Scott

I've been playing the trading options game for about a decade now, and I've made a lot of friends along the way. I've met numerous option traders, probably somewhere in the hundreds, all working along side me on this long time endeavor to achieve success on the stock market and the truth is, only a handful were making money. It makes me wonder why there are so many people out there playing this game and investing in the stock market when most of them only lose their capital.

I think part of the reason there is so much interest in investing is that people actually enjoy the challenge. As a trader myself, I enjoy the research, looking at probabilities, and analyzing trades. I take pride in my work with options and the stock market, and the challenge keeps me on my toes, always looking for ways to improve.

Another reason why a lot of investors stick with option trading even though they do not find immediate success is because it's a profession that involves a lot of creativity. There are literally an infinite amount of option strategies that can be created if you have an open mind. This to me makes option trading a never ending world of exploration.

But I still wonder. Why are there so many option traders out there that aren't making money? The answer you'll hear the most is that your typical option trader does not know how to properly adjust an option position. This statement is somewhat true, but I think we can dig deeper.

And now for the real problem; Option traders don't normally fail because of their adjustment strategies. In actuality, most experienced option traders are great at money management and make proper adjustments to their portfolios. The down fall begins at the start of a trade. No matter how good of an option trader or risk manager you are, you will probably never have long-term success trading options unless you learn to construct option trades that are low risk from the start. This is the key to becoming a consistently successful option trader.

Through courses from San Jose Options, I've learned to construct trades that are safer than anything I had ever seen before, and even though the risk is much lower, the probability and return is very desirable. So if you feel that you are making all the right adjustments on your option trades, but you're still losing money, then your problem is probably in your trade initiation. It's so nice to have met yet another options trader along my way. Good Luck!

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