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Monday, April 2, 2012

Can You Get Energy From Feng Shui?

By Carole Felton

In Chinese culture, they have a way to take energy and use it as a way to achieve harmony in the home or in business. They employ the practice of Yin and Yang to be able to have harmony. It is shown as eight paths on an octagon shape. They believe that the eight directions need to be the energy of Feng Shui. Just how things are located within the area will have an impact on the energy being produced. If you put a small water fountain that is the farthest left corner away from your front door of your home then you can create the energy of good fortune and luck. The Chinese acknowledge this since they notice that it works and continue to use Feng Shui in many areas of their home to keep it in true energy.

Energy will be impeded from entering your home if you place large furniture, like a sofa, with the back facing the front door. It is said that it obstructs the favorable energy to your house. The very same thing can take place in your business. Your enterprise can succeed or fail based on how the energy flows through your work area. The Chinese are incredibly effective in pursuing good business deals. The fundamental standard of Yin and Yang is harmony between dark and light. You really have the ability to manipulate the energy to achieve balance. When dealing with a Chinese enterprise, if you develop the correct Yin and Yang, the Chinese business man will recognize it and they will be more apt to do business with you, and you both win.

If you've got the right Feng Shui as well as the proper Yin and Yang, your home is going to have the right energy and harmony. If you possess the ideal Feng Shui, your home will have good fortune, health and a happy family life. Your dwelling should be able to have peace with Feng Shui. Based on what colorings and materials you have in your house and where everything is placed in your home, the way the chi energy moves around will be affected. For instance, wood furniture supports chi while ceramic and clay calms it. While chi energy circulates throughout the home, you can rearrange certain rooms to have more chi. By using the appropriate materials and placements, it does bring much more energy in every room that you redesign.

You can enter a Chinese eating place and you will almost always find a water fountain or aquarium, and in many times Koi is placed in the waters because it helps promote good fortune in their business. With this, your home or business will likely have harmony. You can locate everything you need at your local library, book shop or on the internet.

You can easily utilize it to improve the energy in your home or business. The Chinese have spent thousands of years doing this and have achieved harmony and peace in their homes. What works in China can work throughout the world.

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